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EUROBIKE with 1,350 exhibitors and over 100k visitors

What is the IAA for auto enthusiasts, means the EUROBIKE in Friedrichshafen for bike fans: 1,350 exhibitors from all over the world present their novelties around the bicycle beginning Wednesday. E-bikes remain clear trendsetter: the models are high-quality and more expensive. And increases the range.

1,350 exhibitors come to 25 EUROBIKE in Friedrichshafen. Photo: EUROBIKE

From Wednesday for visitors opened the world’s most important bicycle fair which is EUROBIKE in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, next weekend (3rd/4th September) also for the audience.

In 13 exhibition halls present 1,350 exhibitors, many on the EUROBIKE 2015 as well, present their new developments on an area of over 100,000 square meters. Only 46,000 visitors are expected from Wednesday to Friday and 35,000 visitors to the two public days.

Trial show at EUROBIKE: the world’s most important bike show starts on Wednesday with the trade days. At the weekend, 35,000 visitors are expected at the two public days. Photo: EUROBIKE

If the audience is invited this weekend at the fair, are not only bicycles and equipment in the Center, but also show to self driving. More than 3,000 test wheels are available to be tried on numerous test course. Eleven areas offer a huge playground news, test facilities and programme.

From the mountain biking event to the global industry platform

“The additional focus on bike fans, as well as the expansion of testing and event listings are a milestone in the development of the EUROBIKE,” explains project manager Dirk Heidrich. “In the last 25 years the euro bike from a pure mountain biking event has become a global industry platform.”

Especially the electric bike is at the heart of the manufacturer. It’s no wonder: In the year 2015, 535,000 E-bikes were sold in Germany. That was a record. And 2016 is expected to be the E-bike sales despite bad weather at a similarly high level. Then, Pedelecs over three million in Germany would be on the way. The opening is reality in Germany.

Only has two and not four wheels and much more fun

This clearly is a trend: buyers are far more interested in higher quality models that cost more and have longer ranges. This particularly sporty bikes such as mountain bikes share increasing sharply, are equipped with an electric motor. And while the drives are also getting smaller and smaller.

Handlebars, hubs and pinions on the EUROBIKE: many innovations are presented also in the accessories section. Photo: EUROBIKE

Electric motors for sensation, which are housed in the frame and are considered forbidden technical doping were made at the Tour de France. Despite intensive search but not a manipulated cycling at the tour was discovered.

Now there is the first series wheels with two batteries. The electronics group Bosch presents euro bike battery concept the idea of a second battery on the with the dual, which should double the range. Also the new update for the graphical Nyon of display of E-bike is interesting. Not represents the range on a displayed map depending on the surrounding terrain topography and road surface as a uniform circle, rather than irregularly running white space.

The component manufacturer SRAM presents a circuit that is optimized for Pedelecs. The highlight of the new component group EX1 is the reduced chainring front and eight washers rear. SRAM uses the space gained for wider chain and gears in hardened tool steel which cope better with the high forces on the E-bike.

Riese & Müller
Even Euro-pallets can be transported with E bike by Riese & Müller. Photo: EUROBIKE 2016, Riese & Müller

“Pack Ster” takes on euro pallet

And transfer orders allows electric support also now with the wheel do. So the Darmstadt based manufacturer offers a solution with a flat loading surface Riese & Müller E-cargo bike Pack ster, who takes on XL version even with a euro pallet.

The new steering linkage of the bike deliverable from October runs centrally protected and enormously simplifies such manoeuvring. Alternatively two large child seat can be mounted to the euro pallet. The Pack service is available as 25 and 45 km/h Pedelec and at least 3.999 euros.

Smart bike cooler for cold drinks

The bag specialist ORTLIEB offers its customers a very smart accessories for the next great round. The “rack-box” called cooler has a loading capacity of 18 liters and absorbs up to 10 kg of cargo. Thus, each tour is wonderfully relaxing pleasure. The smart bag is simply mounted on the carrier. Due to the volume of the 100 euro cooler is also ideal for buying fresh in the refrigerated content.