EU Commission: Google 3 Billion Euro Bill for Unethical Practice

Google has a juicy penalty from EU Commission: round three billion euros should pay the search engine giant as a punishment for abuse and dominant position on the European search engine market and manipulated search results at the expense of the competition. 

Not ready yet, but soon: The penalty EU Commission on Google case could be final in June.

It looks like Brussels whether it’s sick: for over six years, the European Commission has been against the operators of the search engine Google determined. The accusation: Google manipulate the ranking of search results to favor its own services and abuse its dominance in the European market, in order to weaken the competition. According to the EU, Google has a share of more than 90% in most Member States. Now the Brussels competition authorities apparently brandishing a draconian punishment imposed shortly, there is talk of around three billion euros.

Decision before the summer break

As the business editor wants to learned of the British Telegraph, the Commission plans to conclude the proceedings against Google before the summer recess. Therefore, the Brussels competition authorities could humble a fine in June. How high it actually could be, but still charged. Theoretically are up to 6.6 billion euros,  equivalent to one-tenth of the underlying annual revenue from Google. However, the group could pull against the sentence to the European Court of Justice.

Manipulation of search results as google way for living

In November 2010, the Commission had first initiated the investigation against Google due to competing complaints provider of search services such as price comparisons. The suspicion: Google manipulate both paid and unpaid results of search to prefer the own search services over those of its competitors in the ranking.

The Commission had then submitted a formal antitrust complaint against the search engines and Google officially made the speech a year ago. The company was abusing its position to the detriment of its competitors, had stressed EU competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager. Users not necessarily get in their search results relevant for them to see. The bad consumers as well as competitive price comparison services.

Secret search algorithm

The order of the Google search result in the displayed list according to a special algorithm which is of course confidential. Only a few criteria are shown from Google’s own guide to search engine optimization, after which the ranking is affected by Web pages. On the search algorithm continuously worked, officially is to constantly increase the relevance of search results for users. Assuming that the algorithm of Google out there is several hundred criteria. What is of course also a great potential for manipulation.

In a separate study determined the European Commission against the business practices of Google in terms of Android. Just last month the Commission has complained officially alphabet to Google and its parent company, the company exploited its dominant position on the European market in breach of the EU antitrust rules by it imposes on restrictions on manufacturers of Android devices and mobile network operators.