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Mercedes 26-ton eTrucks for Urban Delivery

That makes sense: Finally, Mercedes offers a heavy series all-electric driving. With a range of 200 km of new should be used urban eTruck especially in the shipping traffic in the cities. The performance and weight data are impressive.

Long there is the discussion of why the electric mobility of vehicles with four or more wheels actually started with the car? Because it is doubtful whether it is worthwhile for the environment, on the move is smart, one especially in city traffic and often not even comes on an annual output of 10,000 km, to equip with an expensive and heavy electric drive with battery.

Heavy trucks, which come in an average 100,000 km per year, and delivery trucks driving around 50,000 km in a year, that’s something else.

So, the electric drive really makes sense. After the post long time was the only logistics company, which electrically to Germany’s packages with his vehicle daughter Streetscooter in many cities – in Bonn, even exclusively, Mercedes wants to switch now the heavy delivery traffic to electric drive.

Converted production truck into electric drive

eTruck, Foto: Daimler

On Wednesday Mercedes presented urban eTruck the, which will have its premiere at the IAA in September commercial vehicles of 2016. The 26-tonne truck is based on a conventional truck, but was converted to pure electric drive. This means: the diesel engine and the entire drive-train are accounts for, instead of the truck was equipped with wheel hub motors and battery. Due to the Elimination of the diesel engine keeps the weight increase in limits.

eTruck, Foto: Daimler

The electrically driven axle hybrid has developed Mercedes bus from the E axis of the Mercedes Citaro, weighs about 1 t, the other electrical components add up to 900 kg. The battery is added to this 1.9 m. And that has it all: the battery, which allows 200 km range, weighing 2.5 tonnes.

Nevertheless he weighs more than the conventional model not 4.4 t urban eTruck, because engine, transmission, drive shaft, differential and fuel tank are lifted with together 2.7 tonnes. The extra weight so is 1.7 tons.

Two Mercedes electric motors on the rear axle to the wheel hubs

“Because the Commission in favour of increase of the permissible total weight for trucks with alternative drive up a ton of weight disadvantage of the electric actuator is compensated for largely”, so Mercedes. The permissible total weight of the three-axle truck is therefore at 26 instead of 25 t. This increase reduces the downside for payload 700 kg.

Mercedes Track
Mercedes eTruck, Foto: Daimler

The truck is powered by two electric motors, which are located directly on the wheel hubs. You have a maximum output of each 125 kW. The motors reach maximum torque of 500 nm. Achieved in connection with the translation the torque on the wheel with 11,000 Nm

The battery is well protected in the middle of the truck. The series battery has a capacity of 212 kWh. It is modular and can be increased even for longer ranges.

26-Tonner can run purely on electricity up to 200 km

The battery is of particular interest. It has a modular structure, so that the buyer can decide what size and what is the range he favours. As standard, the truck with a lithium-ion battery is equipped, which consists of three modules and kWh reached a total of 212. Thus attainable range of up to 200 km to reach for a day trip in the distribution.

Mercedes eTruck, Foto: Daimler
Mercedes eTruck, Foto: Daimler

If that’s not enough, the fully discharged battery with a load capacity of 100 kW can be in two to three hours to 100% recharge. A charge rate of up to 150 kW is possible.
Also the small truck Fuso eCanter goes into series production

Mercedes eTruck, Foto: Daimler
Mercedes eTruck, Foto: Daimler

Include in its model range Mercedes eCanter of Asian Mercedes subsidiary Fuso want also the electrical transport. Currently the Sechstonner used test in Stuttgart by the logistics of Hermes and the city of Stuttgart. The eCanter has a range of up to 100 km and should also be presented commercial vehicles production model at the Frankfurt Motor Show.