AUDI: Power Generating Suspension (eROT)

Suspension works with large forces while driving. This large amount of energy, which so far goes to “vacuum” is distributed in the form of heat. Engineers from AUDI recently become more pioneers in space programs then carmaker, still this invention puts popular German manufacturer on the top list again..

But easier said than done and it took years before someone finally managed to harness this energy.

Art of the successful Audi Engineering

German producer praised his latest prototype, which is called eROT and is ot simply electro-paddles that catch has energy from each route-hole and inequality by giving us not only comfort, but also “free” electricity.

Audi Suspension
Photo: AUDI

Work in a simple way-the kinetic energy is to be passed on the flywheel, which through a series of gears will forward it to the electric engine that generates electricity. On average the German road system is to generate power 100-150W (EU average can go higher), which translate into is on ecological saving of 3 grams of carbon dioxide for every kilometer.

eROT be controlled by advanced software adjusting to our style of driving or vehicle is the terrain, so our driving experience are simply better.

For now, the whole system is in the testing phase, however these tests are run very successfully giving up hope fairly quick emergence of this technology on the market.