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Published On: Wed, Jan 27th, 2016

Engineers first day of work

Stage fright before the first day in the new company? Completely normal. Thus you but not totally headless in the cold water plunge, here are a few tips on how you can successfully master the first working day with new colleagues and tasks.

1. Punctuality is the be-all and end-all.

Make sure and get an overview of your route. If you do not want to drive the route, keep you informed before the start of a new place best multiple Google maps, how much time you have to plan. Be not surprised by a construction site and coming on the first working day late.

Engineers first day of work

Engineers first day of work

And clarify the parking beforehand. If you want to use the bus or train, you take a connection previously. Appear but no more than ten minutes before the agreed time at work. Rather, bridge the gap with a cup of coffee or a walk around the block. It relieves stress.

2. Better in jacket or skirt dressed as too casual.

How you want to dress up? If you do not know what is standard in the new enterprise, you better opt for jacket and pants or knee-length skirt as for the casual jeans. Have you met the gentlemen and ladies, you can refer to their outfit.

But without extravagance and lurid in the job. Always. Pay attention to clean shoes. If you need on construction sites, think of a few to change.

3. Be friendly but not intrusive. Engineers first day of work.

Expect too much from your new colleagues on the first day. For this, it is an ordinary working day. Smile when you are presented together. May be a “nice to meet you”. Watch how your partner reacts. Hands you the person or just look up from the computer? Do accept the latter. Never impose physical contact. And also not that “You”. Wait until it is offered. Not personally take reserved behavior at the beginning. It is already.

4. The right words lay out.

No matter whether you are officially presented in a round or individual a tour colleagues: you decide beforehand what you want to say. Perhaps, say something to the function that you will occupy, and make a few brief comments to your career. Under no circumstances you should talk poorly about former colleagues or employers!
And must also be set to the hobby. Maybe a starting-point for a conversation at joint lunch, if this is customary in operation. Check then best with someone who immediately is sympathetic and signaled willingness to care a little bit about you.

5. Names and functions note.

Nobody expects that you notice immediately all names and functions. But: Find important people, you are on the homepage of the company, you should know. A small notebook in which register names and notes, that help the Association helps in the other. You should write down important focal points and facilities.

6. Retain suggestions.

Do the work that it is you, first of all once so, as is customary in the company. Didn’t get to start with suggestions for improvement. Working with the existing material. Something is unclear, you first gain an overview and collect questions.

Make only really urgent questions immediately. Otherwise: Dear even balled obtain information, to interrupt constantly as the work of others. And don’t forget to say thank you at the end of the day for their help.

7. Provide differentiated feedback head.

Be prepared that your new boss asks, how was your first day on it. Something more than “okay” is then you expected. Explain where you could use your experience to incorporate quickly, and where you need more support. And then enjoy the evening. You have earned it. Engineers first day of work.