Engineers FIRST confessions due to VolksWagen Scandal

During the internal review of VW, several employees in the engine development have admitted to have malicious software installed, image reported Sunday at the weekend. Meanwhile, the designated, Hans Dieter Pötsch Chairman of the Supervisory Board spoke of a ‘threatening crisis for the group’.

According to a report by the Bild am Sonntag first confessions of engineers exist at Volkswagen, which is rigged emissions of diesel vehicles, the internal audit activity. Apparently the internal investigators have tracked down those employees in engine development, who have installed the manipulation software. Ever since it became known well two weeks ago that VW diesel engines with strict exhaust gas tests incomparably better than in real operation, confidence in the VW Group is shaken.

Cost requirements and emission standards could not be met

According to the picture on Sunday several VW engineers have testified to have incorporated the manipulation software 2008 in the diesel engine EA 189. Since 2005, this engine had been developed, and three years later shortly before series production. The problem, both the cost requirements for the engine as the emissions standards to comply had not been resolved but still up to this point. To prevent that the motors project will stop, it was been decided to use the software provided favourable results at the exhaust tests.

Angela Merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel tried to appease the weekend VW scandal: this going “Not shaken reputation of the German economy”, she said in an interview.

Who gave the order to do so, and who knew all of it, remained unclear. There is no evidence that the now retired Volkswagen boss Martin Winterkorn of knowledge had apparently. However, according to the newspaper report, the statements weigh on the Audi Board Member Ulrich Hackenberg, a confidant of Winterkorn. Hackenberg, who previously worked in the same function at VW, is now on leave. According to a report of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung” the VW Supervisory Board assumes already a much larger circle of arrival than previously assumed. A VW spokesman did not comment on is.

This week crisis meeting and question and answer session at the U.S. Congress

To the further question of whether the manipulation of the exhaust gas values in VW diesel engines leads to a sustainable confidence in the business location Germany, German Chancellor Angela Merkel commented on the weekend. In an interview with the Germany radio on Sunday, she saw the “Reputation of the German economy not shaken”, but at the same time urged to prepare “quickly the necessary transparency to make” and things.

The current Finance Director and designated Supervisory Board Chairman Hans Dieter Pötsch said at an internal event in Wolfsburg but by “Threatening crisis for the group” the world reported on Sunday. On Tuesday of this week, the new VW boss Matthias Müller in Wolfsburg will talk to the employees. Is the next crisis meeting of the Supervisory Board on Wednesday and on Thursday the U.S. Chairman of VW, Michael Horn, the Congress must answer questions. Also has the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA (environmental protection agency) announced additional testing.