Christmas gifts ideas for engineers. Wishfull fun and expectetions for planet brains?

Do you have already a gift for your favorite engineer? We are like no others. X-mess are comming and yet its not easy to choose a perfect gift for an engineer. Just follow on of the seven beautiful ideas and you will do fine.

That was delightful as a child: it was the first Christmas day blissfully busy with his gifts. Completely absorbed. Is it still possible also as an adult? Clear! It must have only surprises, the orderly creative oomph. We have researched for you few of them, just follow:

1. Fleeing Mags “Clocky” alarm.

Gift idea number one is intended for Sleepyheads who regularly slept: you could send mags Clocky – alarm clock on wheels. Why wheels? Because he jumps so unceremoniously from the nightstand and runs through the room. The Clou: Sleepyhead can no longer get to the Snooze button, but have to get up to find the alarm and the alarm to turn off.

Christmas gifts ideas for engineers 1
Mags Clocky in action: the fleeing alarm jumps summarily by the nightstand, the sleepy head does not reach the Snooze button.

Cost for the travelling alarm clock: around €37.

2. Model of car powered by salt and water.

This gift will delight many engineers: a 4WD off-road car to assemble. The special feature: The car goes with salt water. A drive cell consisting of a magnesium plates, a membrane and a cathode black makes this possible.

Christmas gifts ideas for engineers
This car has an unusual drive: it actually travels with salt water. Photo: Green Energy Toys

Salt water is a chemical reaction, which releases electrical energy on the plate. A few drops are enough to make driving the car five minutes. And how much is the vehicle? Only €23.

3. Space station with solar panel.

And what could you give space fans – in addition to cards for the new Star Wars movie? For example, a kit with 65 parts, which can be composed to a chic space station. Also a solar panel is one of the components. Thus, the station becomes the energy station for more toys: about a current astronaut or futuristic Moon car.

Christmas gifts ideas for engineers
This space station has to be assemble personally. Has a solar module. That generates electricity with which you can use to charge even other game devices or mobiles. Photo: Science Shop

You can move up to five minutes after a three-minute tank operation. The space station costs less than €25.

4. Car driving model on compressed air.

For car-loving engineers, maybe this gift would be right: A car driving with compressed air. However a lot of skill is needed before the driving pleasure. The vehicle consists of 110 parts, which you can put together according to the American manufacturer OWI in two to three hours. If this is done, it is necessary only with pumping movements which mounted up PET bottle with compressed air and place the car on a straight line.

Christmas gifts ideas for engineers
You have to assemble the kit from 110 parts, drive from this car use compressed air.

Then it tour whose been biking up to 50 m with 15 km far. The kit costs less than €30.

5. Bathtop that can be folded together

Yes, this bathtub can be actually fold and carry. The frame is made of carbon fibre and midrib only 8.5 cm thick. Unfolded, it carries a cushion-like covering of three layers of synthetic high-performance materials that fill up with water. She can accommodate for the transport in a thin bag and clean in between in the washing machine. Ideal for the engineer to travel?

Christmas gifts ideas for engineers
This bathtub can be fold up and carry away. The structure is made of carbon. Photo: Carina Deuschl

Occurred for this bathtub for “Purse” is of course a wife, namely the designer Carina Deuschl in Munich. And she also has the red dot design award 2015 get. Right!

6. Cordless drill in stealth design

Is an ordinary Cordless screwdriver much too boring, right? Much more exciting, Nemo is special ops – a screwdriver in the design of stealth aircraft. It has a motor with 1000 W. Thus it can be competitors as the Bosch PSR 12 look old, brings the 220 W. Nemo is also OPS special to a depth of 100 m water resistant. Drill is ideal to repair a surfacing submarine during the holiday brake.

Christmas gifts ideas for engineers
The Cordless screwdriver Nemo not only looks cool. Is so strong that even tires can be mounted with 1000 watts on output. Waterproof goes even up to 100 m depth.

However, the price is really steep: this cordless drill costs a whopping €1875, still… is worth it.

7. Toaster in the design of a laser gun

The design of conventional toaster can ever move engineers into another dimension. There must be an alternative yet. There are also: the toaster Conique of British designer Fraser. He looks like a futuristic laser gun could be but also the model of a space station or a space telescope. But in reality he is a roasting machine and toasts bread energy saving between ceramic plates.

Christmas gifts ideas for engineers
The toaster from British designer Fraser serves toasted bread on ceramic plates. Photo: Fraser Leid

Oh yes: Fraser suffering has designed the toaster for Alessi. But he is not yet in the range. Perhaps for Easter?