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Engineering income: The North is catching up

East stagnates

Engineers in the West continue to earn considerably more than their colleagues in the East German countries.

On the other hand, the South/North divide has declined in the past year.

This is evident from the salary study 2016 of the career portal of the VDI publishing house.

The engineers in the agglomerations Hanover, Hamburg and Bremen have significantly increased in 2016.

Reduced the distance to the well earned engineers in the industrial regions of the Rhineland and the Ruhr area, the Rhine Main area and the southern conurbations Stuttgart and Munich.

North lays down, east remains behind

Premiums and one-off payments also made a particularly strong contribution in the Hannover, Wolfsburg and Braunschweig area, with an average of 64,800 EUR nationwide.

Also in Hamburg it went up by almost 3,000 EUR to 58,100 EUR.

The Hansestadt has thus found connections to top regions such as Munich, Rhine-Neckar and the Ruhr area, which range between 58,300.

In addition to Hanover, the investment income of the conurbations in Stuttgart and Düsseldorf totaled EUR 62,500.

At the bottom end, engineers’ incomes remain in the east.

In the Greater Dresden area, the average income of EUR 44,600 remained exactly at the previous year’s level.

Income of the engineers in Berlin go back

In Berlin, the income even declined.

Looking at the income in Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a decrease of 500 EUR is to be recorded, with a gross annual income of 48,600 EUR.

The study of the career portal is based on the actual data of 7,341 engineers across the entire Federal territory, who entered their income, professional qualifications and job characteristics in the est from January to December 2016.

A study to think!Engineering income: The North is catching up!


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