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Engineer laziness is a sign of intelligence (Florida University).

It is said that a smart man never bored and just from this, depending on the result maybe what has just confirmed, researchers at Florida Gulf Coast University. According to research established that laziness may be a sign of superior intelligence.

The study was very simple, at first on the questionnaire, on the basis of which is divided into subjects on “thinkers” and people would rather trying this and then I was given the armband of the accelerators, to measure physical activity.

It turned out that the first group is generally much less active during the week, and the weekend activity of both groups to align. The researchers blame this on the possibility that “thinkers”, so a group with a higher IQ simply does not need so many external stimuli would not get bored, while the less intelligent group needs to this movement.

Due to health however, you need to think of how to get this first group to be more active-more and more studies show clearly that the seat is a new smoking health, the bane of the beginning of the 21st century.