Engineer Career Rank for EU 2016-2017

High-tech companies in the United States are once again stars in the ranking of favorite employers of students in school of engineering around the world. This is the premium for the most popular services and products. French companies are barely emerging. The automobile remains the most attractive sector.

Google, Microsoft and Apple, this is the trio winner of the most-attractive employers for students of engineering schools, according to Universum (*). Google keeps the first place, Microsoft the second and Apple progresses from a place, ahead of BMW Group. Yet it would be wrong to conclude from this third, only digital companies are engineering students.


A classification by sector shows that automotive and consumer products are ahead of the equipment and computer technology. Moreover, the share of companies in the automotive sector, including manufacturers, grew significantly between 2010 and 2015, from 10 to 16 per cent. For business equipment and computer technology, the progression goes from 6 to 10%. Conversely, among young engineers, the attractiveness of the electronic household appliances, of the audit and Council, the banking sector and the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology, has significantly declined.

Universum, who asked additional questions to students, complete its a beginning of analysis results. What thrilled young engineers, when they evoke their early career, it is “an environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship”. This expectation exists in all areas studied and meets on average 32% of engineering students. The proportion rises to 35% in America, may falls to 30% in the Asia Pacific region and 29% for the Europe Middle East Africa area.


In the context of foreseeable shortage of talent, it is noted that French companies have limited advantages. L ‘ Oréal is the first French cited at the seventh place (24eil a year ago), far ahead of Schlumberger (39th), Schneider Electric (44th) or transnational Airbus Group (49th).

French employers will really find consolation with the students of business schools. It is always l’ Oréal who arrives at the head of the french groups (11th) followed by LVMH in strong fall (34th in 2015 against 19th in 2014).

Among business school students, Google is always first place, followed by the big international names audit and the Bank business (in order, PwC, EY Goldman Sachs and KPMG).

Rank Employer
1 Google
2 Microsoft
3 Apple
4 BMW Group
5 GE
7 Intel
8 Sony
9 Siemens
10 Shell

The classification is conducted by Universum 240,000 students from 12 countries.