3.5 billion light years of emptiness in universe

Between star clusters galaxies astronomers found a huge blank space. On 3.5 billion light years in diameter it, is times more than 583 the largest known Galaxy IC 1101. Symbolically sounds too the fact that it “nothing” so far there is not even the name.

Scientists do not understand how and what could create such a huge hole in outer space. Great area was discovered by using 1.2 meter telescope, which is located in Australia. The observations were made under a large Galaxy surveys 6DF.

Large empty spaces in the universe.

I have recently discovered this area about the size of a billion light years. But now found is almost 4 times larger. New discovery greatly surprised the researchers, because it does not fit into the existing ideas on the development of the universe. In the space of absolutely empty, there are no stars, galaxies, and black holes. Even the elusive and mysterious dark matter at this point does not exist.

In this case, the calculations indicate that the colossal emptiness extends to 3.5 billion light years away which means that simply could not be created as a result of common mechanisms for the evolution of space, of which we know. Keep in mind that, according to current estimates, our universe is 13.7 billion years old.