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Elon Musk: Our life is probably a computer simulation

Is our life actually real or Elon Must has matrix syndrome? The chance is one in a billion, says visionary Elon Musk. It is much more likely that we are living in a computer game.

How can you prove that you are awake last night from your dream? Cup on your desk of the coffee is actually real or dream? Or is your brain maybe not in her skull, but in a container of a laboratory in the year 2120?

Such mind games are not new. Philosophers they chew through centuries, just as Hollywood with blockbusters such as matrix. Elon Musk jumped on the bandwagon. The billionaire founder of Tesla has caused the Technology Conference code Conference in California with his views amazement.
Is life real?

Elon Musk claim that chances are 1: 1,000,000,000

Musk has let the visitors in the following thought experiment. About 40 years ago, people played a simple computer game called Pong, a kind of tennis that comes out with a point as a ball and two strokes as a bat. “Now, 40 years later, we have photo realistic 3D simulations of millions of people playing simultaneously,” musk said.

Go out of a continuous development of technology, one could no longer distinguish computer games from reality. In 10,000 years, humans could play such simulations on a billion devices. “It follows that the chance that ours is the original reality, is one in a billion”, musk said.

Photo: Elon-must

Say: Our life is so not real, that simulation by the year 12.016 will take over completely. Musk hopes even that it is so. Because otherwise, it would mean that the civilization ends at some point. He warned at the Conference but at the same time against the strength of artificial intelligence.

Man could be compared to computers at some point on the level of domestic animals. “I will not like a House cat.”

Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars

And what if life is really just a matrix? “My advice is, let us go out and do interesting things that simulators do not just turn off us”, cited the online magazine motherboard the Cosmologist Max Tegmark.

Photo: Elon Must SpaceX

And Elon Musk does just that. With his private space companies, he wants to colonize Mars already 2025 people to the Red could leave planet, ahead of the planned NASA missions in the 2030 years.