Elon Musk Wants To Fly To Mars In 80 Days
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Elon Musk wants to fly to Mars in 80 days

In less than a decade, the private aerospace firm SpaceX of billionaire Elon Musk wants to send people to Mars. Before the NASA from the Chinese. This is crazy: it’s not crazy.

With odds and ends Elon Musk has never issued himself. He wanted to be the first, is building an electric car with sex appeal and sold, and did it with Tesla. Then he founded SpaceX and announced to develop reusable rockets that revolutionize the space, because they make them much cheaper.

Reason enough to undertake the next vision: the journey to Mars. The idea for musk is not new. But now, the billionaire at a space Conference in Mexico has presented concrete plans and technical details. And you have to take seriously that all backgrounds, although the schedule appears more than ambitious: SpaceX hardness testing for the system wants to start in two years, specially developed for the Mars mission. A first rocket launch to Mars 2018.

Should be ready in less than ten years. People fly to Mars. Musk hopes to reach Mars in just 80 days

“Mankind should be a multi-planetary species”, musk says. Behind it, you already anticipated that he still wants to be with Mars at the end. You could also fly to Jupiter, he says.

But how to get first to Mars? So far, even the most optimistic assumptions assume that takes the journey in half a year. Musk but anticipate the first trips 80 days, and later to decrease the travel time to 30 days.

The most important step in this direction is a new drive by methane, is intended to be three times stronger than the Falcon rockets that SpaceX already satellites into space or supplies to the ISS brings. This technique has now presented musk at the Conference.

So you have to build but not huge spaceships that can carry large tanks, SpaceX plans the again refuelling in orbit after the rocket has consumed a large part of their fuel for the start-up phase. Special tankers to dock at the space shuttle and then return to the Earth.

City on Mars to fend for themselves

The first Mars travelers to build the base of a city that can care for themselves in the Terminal itself and keep alive. To them to search for water and other resources. And contrary to previous plans musk makes even the return the daring of the Earth in view of that the fuel for this could be made on Mars itself. He expects the pioneers but a certain readiness to die.

The technical highlight is the reuse of the system. Each missile could each space shuttle will be used up to 1,000 times, each tanker 100 times, up to 12 times, says musk. This improves not only the prospects for the astronauts, but especially that for the realization of this dream at all. Because the cost compared to “traditional methods” would decrease this dramatically.

Financing of the Mars Mission from Crowdfunding

Musk accurately calculates the full: If you use only once, for example, a Boeing 737 with 180 people on board, would mean the cost of 500,000 US dollars per passenger. The cost per person for a flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas would be the conventional life of such a machine only at 43 dollars. Translated in aerospace figures this means according to SpaceX calculation that the trip cost per person currently $ 10 billion to below 100,000 would decrease.

But even under these assumptions, it is of course a multi-billion-euro program. Musk wants finance mainly by gains from the satellite and ISS missions and Crowdfunding. If everything really, SpaceX overtaken NASA, which wants to launch its Mars mission sometime between 2030 and even the Chinese, who have a similar schedule.

Whether the Earth will one day become uninhabitable, musk will not speculate. For all earthlings, anyway there is no place on Mars would be according to his estimate. Only for about one million.