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Tricycle car with 2.8l/100 km and $7k (Germany)

Do you need more in order to commute to work or to school? Who to the wheel too much is little and a car, which should in the future reach its target with tricycle Elio from the United States. And the price of US$ 7,000 for a ride is likely to make to create a German auto manufacturers.

Elio, presented 2014 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, is an absolute alternative to the giant slide, which otherwise like to drive many Americans. That begins with the optics: on three wheels, the vehicle out as a cross between a car and motorcycle looks. The tricycle has a fixed booth with a side door. This means: even in the Elio passengers are protected from wind and weather.

Foto: Elio Motors
Foto: Elio Motors

The small car is at least 4.08 m long, the front track width is 1.7 m and it is 1.38 metres high. It is big enough for two people, which take place in a row. Luggage can be stored but barely. But this little thing has its fan base already.

Starting price of $7,000 for early booking

The development of the vehicle has financed company founder Paul Elio by Crowdfunding. Meanwhile, there are 56,000 reservation. And now, potential customers can create facts for Elio motors from Phoenix, Arizona finally decided, that will cost the Auto: who is now committed to pay US$ 7,000.

With the firm purchase commitments, Elio ensures engine the buyer decides not simply different. All the others who pay a non-refundable deposit, pay a fixed price of 7,300 dollars. These two deals, up 65,000 orders are entered. After that, it might be more expensive.

German three-cylinder engine with 55 HP

But what exactly do you get for your money? Not only the low purchase price, but also the technology is attractive. A strong three-cylinder motor drives the Elio tricycle 55 HP – the engine was developed by the Berlin engineering company IAV, in which VW holds a half of share. The remaining shares have the automotive supplier continental, Schaeffler, Freudenberg and SABIC.

Elio Motors
Foto: Elio Motors

According to the manufacturer, the car accelerates in ten seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. The low fuel consumption of about 2.8 liters on 100 km should be interesting especially for commuters who travel longer distances. The mini-size arithmetically to about 680 km comes with a 19 liter tank.

Photo: Elio Motors
Photo: Elio Motors

With the package an air conditioning, airbag, ABS, a relatively sophisticated audio equipment and a door lock remote control included.

Man dream of three wheels with +810 HP
The tricycle black Mamba in the strongest versions has an electric motor with 810 HP. The electric vehicle will come onto the market in 2017. Photo: Valene Motor

If you indeed love a tricycle, but want more Horsepower under the hood, then black would perhaps Mamba something for you. The runabout is press 810 HP in the seat.