Electronic Nano-Nose Smells Better than a Basset

Explosives, narcotics, weapons: Even the best Tracker occasionally mistaken for sniffing. But also technically smells present a challenge. A so-called electronic Nano nose but dealt with. And this apparently better than each no matter how well trained animal olfactory.

The Israeli company Tracense has developed the electronic Nano-nose. It explores an extremely high number of smells in real time on their origin. The device reports on explosives, poisons, weapons, but large amounts of money or drugs that are transported through the security checks of passengers at airports. Expected to be the new device will be inserted first homeland security by the American authority.

A sensor detects the molecules

The device is about the size of a briefcase and consists basically of two electronically interconnected modules. The first unit is a sensor that can detect the odor molecules and then reports to the second unit. This consists of a variety of so-called nano-sensors.

Tracense develops best-in-class explosives detectors powered
Explosives traced: the Nano-nose is both suitable for the passenger such as in freight transport.
Photo: Tracense

Each of these smell-sensors has an exactly specific scent profile. If this profile in the received message is tracked, the device sounds an alarm and reports what has been found specifically.

The device can be used both in the passenger in the cargo traffic. A quick clearance will benefit thereby, that the individual or the individual parcel for the investigation must be stopped. The passenger goes through the usual archway at the security check and verifies also the Tracense device, without that this is striking.

The case goes through the X-ray machine and is additionally studied by the Tracense device. It does not matter whether the odor molecules from the first sensor reported come from a gaseous environment such as air, a solid such as a bomb or a liquid.

Minimum concentration ranges

The device, for example can be used for tracking down this ranges from explosives, a minimum concentration of only one explosives smell molecule in a billion molecules of air.

While the Nano-nose smells just even finest molecular differences.

Is controlled, for example, a farmer at the airport, which uses fertilizer on his farm, which is also bomb manufacture, so the device at this farmers not working. But is the same fertilizer in a bomb, there is alarm immediately, because the fertilizer at the bomb-making is slightly changed.

Library with odor molecules can be easily extended

Tracense stressed that on the one hand the operating cost of the described system are minimal. On the other hand let chemical technical progress quickly and easily adapt to the odor molecule base and expand. This can be done within the framework of the so-called down-time of the device.

Interesting also for the medical sector

The family-owned company Tracense from Herzalia in Israel currently focuses on the security market, which primarily include airports and building with very high safety requirements for visitors. Long term is thinking but a variety of other applications. This begins with the control of passengers at railway stations and in shopping malls and extends to medicine over the control of all postal items.

According to Tracense, first tests have shown in medicine that also bacteria, insulin, and various other substances on the basis of their odor molecules track can be with a corresponding variant of the device.

But even electronic sensors used in the United States, which are however not as versatile as the Sleuth from Israel. Americans are by electronics in search of dirty money, which is smuggled across the Mexican border. And as money has a special smell.