Electric skateboard with 50 km/h top speed

The Slovak company Revoll put an electric skateboard on new level. For adults only and only on the market in May 2016. It goes up to 50 km/h , that is really fast for toy without sit belt and air bags. The best part is that cost funny money.It is when the skateboards as at the bikes moves propulsion to electric motors, they gain more and more shares on market gradually solving the mechanical steering with the body. Now Revoll is like electric train pulling others skaters behind. Company based in the Slovakia jumps up and launches the C1N Board. An electrically powered skateboard which comes to top speed with over 50 km/h. On this fast-paced Board, the skateboarder can overtake even scooter riders. The inventor see in users of this skateboards of but also less traffic as an extreme athlete.

C1N weighs seven kilograms

The electric C1N Longboard is a carbon fiber reinforced plastic deck that provides the necessary stability at these speeds and compensates for the additional weight of the engine and the two rechargeable batteries a bit in its substance. But despite carbon fiber the C1N is no light with almost seven kilos. This weight is well adjusted to performance and feels solid under the feet.

Photo: Revoll

Weight is bit owed but also stability at speed is necessary. The power for this speed comes from two 2000 Watt powerful engines, which mobilize their energy to the rear wheels. The anodized aluminum axles of the wheels rolls with a diameter of 80 mm on solid bearings.

Three speeds, big fun…

It is clear that this power from the driver not only dominates, but also the balance of speed and range must be checked in real use. This gets the driver its own controller for his vibrant put on the hand. With this handler driver can set three speed modes. In the “Max Power” mode, the driver gets the maximum performance of the Board and is the fastest on the road. In the “Long Distance” mode, the driver at moderate speeds on the broadest possible reach.

The C1N is available since may

Of course, the driver can at any time change the modes and adjust the speed of the current situation. The handheld is equipped with an LCD display, which among other data showing how far the driver goes and current battery life and range.

In may Revoll wants to enter with the C1N electric skateboard on the market. Now you can pre-order the base model, which is equipped with a battery and promises a range of 20 km.

Basic version will cost €3000

This electric skateboard in the basic version with only one battery will cost €3000. The price for the model with the two batteries and a range of 40 km is not yet known. Quite honestly: A skateboard without all these bells and whistles is perhaps €100. And for this price, the driver can train even his muscles.

Marble Board collected US$ 130,000 on kickstarter.

But the trend is not stopping,  the electric electric skateboard on the Crowdfunding presented Kickstarter platform nearly two years ago and collected $130,000. The “athletes” could go to 32 km/h and accelerate this drive unit under the feet. Use your Smartphone as a remote control for the powerful 2000 watt motor. Also the marble is not a bargain: it costs $1399.