Electric Field cuts callories in fat and delicious chocolate

That chocolate fans may still experience: U.S. researchers have found a simple way to make the tasty treat with up to 20% less fat. And she should also have at least as good taste. The trick: The chocolate is placed under power.

Chocolate is the most popular candy at all. But unfortunately the repentance follows the enjoyment often finally the fat percentage of today’s chocolate is whopping about 40%. It has above all production-related reasons. Cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar and other ingredients must be rolled, slightly warmed and stirred long for is of solid and liquid components a melt, which is then pressed into boards.

Low fat chocolate melt is lumpy and clogged pipes

Falls under the fat content but 36% increases the melt and clogged the lines. But such a chocolate meltdown avoid and still less food grease the consumer with a delight? Food chemists are already working on such a recipe.

The idea that power could help, so far nobody came up Rongjia Tao and his colleagues at the Temple University in Philadelphia, we have seen this trick 17: reduce the cocoa butter, but at the same time generate an electric field.

Viscosity of several types of chocolate goes up-to – 40-50%

In their attempt, the scientists produced an electric field of 1600 V / cm in the direction of flow of the melted chocolate. As a result, that joined together the otherwise nearly spherical particles in the melt to rope-type materials and concatenated.

Electric Field cuts callories in fat and delicious chocolate
Under normal conditions, the melt expands when the fat content less than 36%. The fat content decreases but less than 36% increases the melt. Unless it passes through an electric field. Photo: Temple University

This reduces the density of the individual particles and as a result, the flow increases. Through the application of the electric field we were able to reduce the viscosity of various types of chocolate by 40 to 50%. This means, the chocolate flows still with 10 to 20% less fat, without clogging the machine.

Researchers have their “recipe” of chocolate by Mars, Hershey and Blommér. Supposedly, the electrically operated chocolate tasted even better than the original product.

Method in each type of chocolate applicable

So begins a new era of chocolate at least the scientists are convinced: “We expect so soon a whole new class of healthier and more tasty chocolate.” Their method is universal and can be used with any type of chocolate. Probably could be dispensed with even more fat, if you vary the electric field.

That’s it. It must however be feared that insatiable then duplicate in future equal the amount of the oh-so-skinny chocolate eating.