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Electric cars charged with Israeli flash battery in 5 minutes

Market ripe in 3 years

Is an Israeli company holding the key to driving through electromobility?

With its new battery technology, the Start-up StoreDot will charge electric cars in only five minutes.

The Israelis have just recently publicly offered a pre-taste for super-fast refueling on e-cars in Berlin.

The start-up is based on the so-called Flashbattery technology in its fast charging process. It is based on nanomaterials and special organic compounds.

It was developed first for mobile phones: At the same time, StoreDot is experimenting with batteries that consist of biological semiconductors, so-called peptides.

These are short chains of amino acids which can absorb and release electrical charges very quickly.

With this technology, which was not explained in detail by StoreDot for competition, the company managed to recharge a Galaxy S4 smartphone with the new flash battery in just 30 seconds.

Akkutechnik from the smartphone scaliert apparently, the Israeli engineers have also succeeded in scaling the battery technology from the smartphone and developing it further for operation in electric cars.

For the demonstration in Berlin at the Cube Tech Fair, the engineers have connected 7,000 of the novel cells.

The discharged battery was charged to 60% in less than three minutes.

The test vehicle, which was very similar to an Audi, is supposed to drive around 320 km.

However, it is true that StoreDot is guilty of real performance over the battery capacity and performance.

Complete graphite disclaimer According to StoreDot, the flash batteries can not only be charged faster but should also be safer.

As the batteries completely dispense with the graphite used in lithium-ion batteries, the fire hazard is significantly lower, according to the company.

In Berlin, charging technology for electric cars was presented to the public for the first time.

Even if it was not completely “refurbished”, the visitors could convince themselves with their own eyes that the charge level of the battery went much faster than with conventional chargers.

StoreDot announced the launch of the new charging technology in three years.

StoreDot is a spin-off from the University of Tel Aviv.

The financial resources for the research and development of the new charging technology are from investors.

On the Cube Tech it was said that StoreDot also works with the post-subsidiary Street scooter in Aachen.

Street scooter intends to produce 10,000 electric vehicles for delivery this year alone. Powerful batteries, which can be recharged in minutes, would be ideal for the last mile delivery.

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