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Institute of Santa Fe: 87% cases Electric car will do

Before electric cars keeps with their limitations: range. A study carried out by scientists from MIT and the Institute of Santa Fe indicates that it is only our wrong idea, and electric cars now could replace cars with an internal combustion engine in 87% of cases.

This study showed that in 87% of cases cheap (just as important), electric cars would be able to replace other cars, even if we do not have the opportunity during the day to recharge your batteries. If we look on the other hand, this means that only 13% of our use of cars during the whole day exceeds the range which give out Auto batteries and it does this from the top shelf.

Although this analysis was performed in the USA, but for European countries, it should also be applied, because it is in the United States, drivers have to overcome greater distances in their daily lives, and Europe is a bit more “condensed”, everywhere is a bit closer.

However, we will not put psychology and as long as the battery capacity does not increase, no new technologies fast charging and not dense presents from the loading station to average people will not be in electric vehicles secrecy.