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This electric car for 16,000 euros goes in 2018

Cheapest e-car in Germany!Aachen in series

Will the May 18, 2017 bring the breakthrough of electromobility in Germany? From then on you can order in Aachen the cheapest electric car of Germany, the e.Go Life.

The automotive engineers of the RWTH Aachen have developed. The e.Go costs only 16,000 euros and will be delivered already in 2018.

BMW, VW, Audi, Opel and Mercedes have not yet succeeded in making electric cars favorable and in large numbers on the road, is a small start-up from Aachen succeed?

E.GO Mobile AG is a spin-off from RWTH Aachen University

The head of the new company is Professor Günther Schuh.

 He is an expert in production technology. And he, as CEO of the start-up, presents his masterpiece, in which he shows it to the big car maker once.

Development of RWTH Aachen University

The whole thing is not a ghost. RWTH Aachen has already developed a successful electric car, the Streetscooter.

This is a small, purely electric van, which Deutsche Post DHL has long been producing in series and has now also sold to other companies.

He is already rolling in numerous inner cities of the republic. The Post intends to build 10,000 postal packages this year at the Aachen plant. A second plant is planned in NRW.

So now the e.Go Life. The astonishing thing is that the engineers have built a small car for the city, which is incredibly light, with 650 kg (without battery), and therefore manages with low engine power.

The 48 V drive from Bosch delivers up to 30 kW (41 hp) and accelerates the small car from 0 to 50 km / h in five seconds.

This is enough for everyday traffic in urban traffic.

The basic model of the e.Go Life has a capacity of 14.4 kWh, which should reach 100 km in practice. Also a more powerful battery with 19,2 kWh is to give it, it brings it to 130 km range.

City Sweeper offers four seats at only 3.35 m length

The car has a length of 3.35 m and is thus about 65 cm longer than a smart. And the engineers have cleverly exploited this.

After all, the e.Go Life can carry four people on 2 + 2 seats and not just two like the Smart.

The rear two places are admittedly more suitable for short distances. But the engineers at RWTH Aachen have also developed the Citycar in the past two years.

Two years to go!

The Bosch workshops are also to take over repairs on the cars. “We have found the ideal partner with Bosch.

In addition to the workshop concept for our e.Go models, the future oriented connected Car areas and the services based on them are covered, “explains Professor Schuh.

Price of only 15.900 euros is incredibly favorable

The car is to cost only 15.900 euros including battery and will be offered from May 18th on the company homepage.

With the German purchase bonus of 4,000 euros for pure electric cars, the e.Go Life would be available for a total of 11,900 euros.

This is a fight price, considering that an E-Smart with only two seats and 160 km range costs 22,000 euros, thus 18,000 euros.


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