Edward Snowden: never trust your phone (wikiLeaks)

Edward Snowden, the author of the leak of secret American documents known as WikiLeaks prepared a unique case for a phone, which will show if your phone is tapped for example to the American Internal intelligence Agency (NSA).

Snowden, along with his colleague and fellow hacker, Andrew Huangiem, has presented scientists with the American Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) project that will determine whether or not the phone sends hidden signals to Intelligence Agencies. Thanks to this project we want to give, mostly journalists tool that will allow them to determine whether their Smartphone is being followed or whether provides your location when it is in flight mode-we read in the technical documentation of the device.

Edward Snowden
Ex NSA employer living on exile in Moscow, because of WikiLeakins publication. Photo: Edward Snowden

Mobile leaking unauthorized data

Edward Snowden, former NSA now living in exile in Moscow and Andrew Huang recognized the hacker that using reverse-engineering create Security for the Xbox, believe that their solution is able to protect journalists and other activists before the betrayal from their own devices. In their study mention the death of Marie Colvin, a journalist killed by the Syrian Government forces in 2012. The tragedy was a consequence of unauthorized phone tracking on journalist. Family killed in July 2016, after years of investigation, sued the Syrian Government for tracing phone signal and targeted its kill.


How is this possible? Snowden and Huang explicitly say in their study, that what we see on the screens of our phones is not always true. The point is that if you disable Bluetooth or cellular connectivity, at least in terms of radio, or other electronic components our Smartphone can still send different signals, especially if they are broken by hackers or intelligence agencies.

Airplane mode is not entirely safe

As an example, say that in the latest versions of Apple’s operating system, starting with iOS 8.2 despite the inclusion of airplane mode, the GPS signal is still active.

As that is not worth it to trust the software that has us tell if something suspicious is going on with our phone, Snowden and Huang have a different idea. As a solution to the problem of privacy proposes a device that connected to your phone will constantly monitor all components of your phone, whether or not they send some data. Despite the fact that all the documentation is based on the iPhone 6 is the creators claim that can be adapted to any smart phone.

Cover detect all kinds of signals

The final proposal Snowden and Huang looks like a extra battery cover-otherwise the device will also feature phone is charging. In addition to an additional dose of energy, the owner will also have information about whether the phone is not suitable any signals, which should not (“Dark”, with “dark). Possibly on a secondary display, you will be able to see which of the monitored components (GPS, mobile data, GSM, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) betray his position.

Unfortunately, the device as such does not yet exist. Currently available is only technical analysis to uncover two “indomitable”. However, both Snowden, and Huang contend that by the end of this year will be available a prototype anti-spyware case.