eBooks Kindle model 8, excellent paper quality

We test the latest e-reader from Amazon, belonging to the group of the cheapest equipment Tycoon eBooks Kindle model 8 is surprising with quality. Not like in tablets where we expect fantastic resolution, in Kindle all we want is to look like paper book. It really does… 

In may, we have tested the most powerful, lightest and most expensive e-reader Web-Kindle Oasis. Therefore, at least for time came from a wide range of the company’s readers-Kindle 8. The differences between these models are large. If the price of about 345 gold explains these changes?

Does new Kindle really looks like paper?

Kindle 8 is the latest reader with the basic line of the Web. Like other devices, screen has a diagonal of 6 inches. Here the similarities break off. Above all, this model does not have a backlight the first, the largest differences. Very important for some, so you have to know about it at the very beginning. Yet we’ll come back to this specific aspect, let us focus on the further specification. Screen resolution in this particular model is 800 on 600 pixels (167 ppi) what is enough to simulate ink quality fonts.

eBooks Kindle model 8
eBooks Kindle model 8

That’s less than the other models of the Kindle, which can be seen almost immediately, especially if you want to read publications in the PDF FILE (s) or books with frames, tables or pictures. However, there are advantages of such treatment device works instantly, and the parties change even a little faster than the Kindle Oasis.

The same reader presents itself very nicely, well lying in the Palm of your hand. The equipment has only one physical button, the whole operation is carried out using the touch screen (with the reader, you can use the gloves). Unit size is 160 mm to 115 mm 9.1 mm and its weight is 161 g. To excellent specification. Kindle 8 after Oasis is the lightest of Web readers.

There is no problem to hide it in pants pocket, not to mention a purse or small backpack. The reader has 3 GB of internal memory and 512 MB of RAM. On the device have the same operating system as the other Kindle readers.

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