120km/h E-Bike Urban Rush Uses Braking Energy

The study urban rush of the young industrial designer Florian Mayer is a chic E-bike version with double drive help: in addition to the invisible rear-engine, there is another one in the front hub, which stores braking energy and emits when starting.

By car, you know it: so-called regenerative braking pressure, use to gain electrical energy, which, in turn, the drive will be available. This can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10 percent. How much force can save a biker thanks to recuperation, not – says Florian Mayer but additional support offers the technology just now.

E-bike urban rush uses braking energy

In cooperation with the cycle manufacturer Canyon of young industrial designers has developed urban rush the prototype. This is a cross between a road bike and mountain bike, which is extremely reduced in their design externally. Technically, urban rush is an E-bike that will be given an extra boost by the recuperation.

A whole new driving experience

Program is the name of the wheel. Mayer’s basic idea is to convey a sense of flow to the cyclist in the city traffic. Usually, a cyclist in the city spend 85% of his time with standing, waiting, deceleration and Acceleration, the designer says. Only 15% were for the actual liquid advancement. With easier acceleration, a whole new driving experience to be so.

E-bike urban rush uses braking energy
E-bike urban rush uses braking energy

The concept is far from a roadworthy product. Whether all the technology feasible is actually in a such slim design, this proof of Mayer remains guilty. The wheel should serve as inspiration the manufacturer, he says. Lots of positive feedback he got anyway: design awards and praise in specialized forums for example. Because just today’s E-bikes are not necessarily elegant pieces of jewelry.

LED strips instead of normal lights

To meet the aesthetic demands, the designer has integrated all cables and even the brake cables in the frame and replaced the lights with so-called blind man, here LED Strip in the handlebar – or seat tube. Side blind man to replace the reflectors sitting normally in the spokes.

E-bike urban rush uses braking energy-2
E-bike urban rush uses braking energy
E-bike urban rush uses braking energy-a
Florian Mayer with his electro supported urban rush. 

The connection between fast sports equipment and robust city vehicle, that has Mayer in the sense that is evident, for example, in the unusual racing bike front fork suspension. In the middle of the handlebars, the designer place has provided for a smart phone or other Bluetooth enabled device that can serve as a Navi.

Helm can roll and bend

Florian Mayer, who is seeking his master still at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Pforzheim, has focused early on the theme bike. Prior to urban rush he developed with Rove a helmet made of Visco-Elastic foam, can fold, bend and even roll. To buy there is also this product but yet.

E-bike creates terminus 120 km / H

What to buy it is terminus of the US manufacturer M55 the E-bike. It sets a speed record in the Pedelcs. The driver can accelerate it with support of a 2000-watt motor to 120 km/h.

E-bike urban rush uses braking energy

Cost for the futuristic missile: around 27,000 euros.