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Most intelligent E-bike solution (Geo Orbital Wheel)

It reminds of the fleets motorcycles from the Sci-Fi Tron and this is no coincidence. The GEO orbital wheel is modeled after this and makes a lively E-bike from a cosy Dutch. To do this, the front wheel is easily exchanged.

 Geo Orbital Wheels
Geo Orbital Wheels

There are these futuristic two-wheeled vehicles called light cycle lawn where the heroes in the Hollywood movie TRON legacy through the streets which have inspired Michael Burtov to his invention. As the wheels in the film, his Geo Orbital Wheel has no central hub. A fixed 500-watt motor, which turns every bike in a brisk into E-bike.

Installation is possible in 60 seconds without any tool

The concept is simple: people who want to keep their familiar bicycle, have to switch just the front wheel to upgrade on an electric bike. To the pre-assembled front wheel together with electric drive is simply used. The visually very interesting motorized front wheel is available in two sizes, which fit over 95% of all standard adult bicycles, the 26, 28 or 29-inches wheels with RIM brakes.

The interchangeable lithium-ion battery comes with the big wheel on a charge of 10 ampere hours. Thus the bicycle without pedal-assist can take a tour of 32 km. With support by the driver you can extend the tour for up to 80 km. While the GEO accelerates orbital wheel the bicycle without pedal assistance on a speed of 32 km/h. The battery is fully recharged in four hours and ready for a new cycle.

Battery charging on the go, easy and efficient.

The GEO orbital wheel for the 26-inch bicycles has a rechargeable battery with a charge of six amp hours. This is a purely electrically driven tour of 19 km, enters the pedal pushers properly in this, so he can extend the tour to 48 km. The battery of the small Geo Orbital Wheels is recharged after three hours on the local socket.

In general the battery of the motorized front wheel will recharge always then go, if no battery power is obtained. This is the case, for example, when the wheel rolls downhill or enters the rider on flat road in the pedals.

Smartphone via USB port on the battery recharge

The motorized front wheel is not an air-filled tube, but made of foam. No more flat foot is threatening at least on the front wheel. The ability to charge via USB port for example his on Smartphone on the way to the battery of the GEO orbital wheels is well thought out. Who ever suddenly disoriented stood on a bigger tour without directions on the Smartphone display in a foreign land, because the battery of the Smartphone had no power, you will appreciate this possibility.

Most intelligent E-bike solution

Overall, the concept of GEO seems many cyclists to convince, that want to better upgrade your bike rather than to buy a new Pedelec orbital wheels. The financing campaign on Kickstarter is certainly very successful. 37 days before the end of the campaign the funding goal of $75,000$ exceeded with well over $500,000.

The 100 fastest supporters were able to get the GEO orbital wheel for $499. Also offers over $599 and $649 are already sold out. In regular trading, the GEO to orbital wheel will cost $950 regular.