E-bike hidden high technology (Design Studio Pininfarina)

“I’m going make me go nice and get my bike!” It business. Commencing in may 2017. Then, the E-bike is E-voluzione in the market. Elegant and technically mature. A piece of jewelry to the trial.

The E-voluzione is simply beautiful and has been with the EUROBIKE award 2016. His whole technique is hidden in the frame. Photo: Pininfarina

Italian is considered to be very fashion-conscious. And so the design of the E-bikes dating back to E-voluzione also Italian hand, the Design Studio Pininfarina. Thereby, Pininfarina is an old hand, regarding the design of car bodies. Including designs for major car manufacturers such as Ferrari and Maserati. But the electric bicycle is a debut. And was equal with the EUROBIKE award.

That does not come from about: Pininfarina works together with the Swiss E-bike Maker slide cycling for the E voluzione. And who has the EUROBIKE award already six times in a row decided for themselves.

All placed technology in the context

The charming to the E-voluzione: It is simply beautiful. All technical components are hidden in the frame of the sporting Pedelecs. Ranging Panasonic battery on the mid-engined, which comes from the German manufacturer Brose the patented 500 watt hours, cables and lamps. The lights appear through an opening in the seat tube and the rim of the front wheel.

Foto: Eurobike

Even the info display was sunk unobtrusively in the frame front of the handlebars. The hide is used but not just the beauty: according to Pininfarina’s also ensures effective weight distribution.

E-voluzione weighs only 16 lbs (7.26kg)

Speaking of weight: the frame is made of pure carbon, and thus, the E-bike weighs only 16 kg. Therefore, it is particularly agile and efficient. And it also still low maintenance. Because instead of a bicycle chain, there is a belt drive.

Foto: Eurobike

Even a world novelty has to offer the E-voluzione with its carbon-ceramic disc brakes. For this, the carbon-alloy in a special proceeding very quickly to 1,700°C is heated and then controlled cooled. This achieves a degree of hardness of the material, which so far has no competition.

The E-bike comes in three versions on the market

What all of this will cost? Around 5,000 euros. Fixed prices are not yet available. In addition, there will be the E-voluzione in three versions: dynamic, elegance and high-tech.

Photo: Pininfarina

All three variants Paolo Pininifarina, head of the eponymous company, a sporty and dynamic E-bike, guaranteed “harmonious, with high performance and great comfort”.

Also the GI FlyBike is something very special, because this Pedelec folds in just a second. Look at here it.

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