Dutch Cities Autonomous Urban Transport Bus

The Verge is reporting that in May this year the autonomous urban transport system called WEpods and connects the Dutch town of Wageningen, and Ede. It will be the first project in Europe.

Under the name WEpods are two small and autonomous vehicles that can accommodate a maximum of 6 passengers. The course you will be able to order using the application on a Smartphone and go for example. from the University campus to the railway station with a maximum speed of 25 km/h fast so there will be, but not having high speed here it comes.

This small experiment is unique on the European scale, because the WEpods vehicles will use the normal streets and not specially designated for this purpose, the tracks as is the case for example. Heathrow Airport.

WEpodsAutonomous debut road vehicles has been preceded by a bi-monthly tests for the 2 hundred meters patch outside the public road. Their design, construction and accommodation for the carriage of passengers in traffic took over 2 years and cost a local government is 3.4 million euro. Importantly, the technology will be able to use also on other cities. Interest expressed already Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Brussels.

Interestingly is to note that initially Dutch turned to Google, which for years has been working on autonomous cars, but google refused. This work motivation. WEpods formed in Europe in support of the Technical University in Delft. Today they are a big success.