Dubai Helicopter Drone goes to 3.5km altitute.

A man and a Briefcase, but also an infringed after an accident, fit comfortably into: the AAV 184 people drone was now presented at the IT trade show CES in Las Vegas. A great thing. Because the drone has even a weather-protective cabin. But that is a drone? Or even a helicopter?

The Chinese startup Ehang exists more than two years. Today no reason to call not just the world revolution. So anyway, the revolution of passenger transport. On the IT trade show CES in Las Vegas, Ehang now presented an aircraft that can carry a person over short to medium distances. 100 km/h fast, at up to 3500 m altitude, within a radius of 20 km.

The Octocopter has eight rotors, two on each corner. They are electrically powered and together reach a capacity of 142 horsepower. The “personal flying machine”, so the name of Ehang, launches and Lands vertically. This raises the question whether it is still a drone, or even to a helicopter.

Aircraft weighs only 200 kg and is 100 km/h fast

Where the aircraft is of course extremely easy. Constructed from carbon fiber and aluminium components, weighs only about 200 kg of the AAV 184 and can accommodate 100 kg payload. Nevertheless, the aircraft with a cabin is equipped in the protected weather short distances can take a person – businessman or accident victims -. Even air conditioning should be on board. And a small lamp.

Drone+Helicopter+Taxi=Dubai - 2
The helicopter drone by Ehang has eight rotors with a capacity of 142 horsepower. You can fold upwards, so that you can park a car parking lot. Photo: Ehang

Simply fly is however not. Because the helicopter drone is as big as a small compact car and fits only in a parking lot when the rotors are up. Due to the size and altitude, the aircraft so something for the flight attendant and not a purely private pleasure is more.

Helicopter drone will cost up to $300,000

You need not to have idea of flying. Because is controlled by the “AAV 184” app. In the Smartphone, the user can enter the desired target, of course, the communication is encrypted. Then everything runs automatically, only during takeoff and landing, the pilot still intervenes. About an app he can check the battery status, speed, height, remaining range and other parameters.

Dubai Helicopter Drone goes to 3.5km altitute
Cockpit of the inverted AAV 184. Aircraft is controlled automatically via app. The capsule have air conditioning and basic need equipement. Photo: Ehang

The price is between 200,000 and $300,000. Ehang is not still at CES a huge price range, but price details. This moves the plane at the level of a luxury car. The manufacturer thinks for customers therefore mainly to hospitals and emergency services, which could send doctors or Savior with the helicopter drone.

Or also to island residents that come with her to the Mainland.

Not only quickly, but also safe, promises Ehang: even with the loss of a rotor could safely land the AAV 184, and the device were so balanced that it could fly more stable also in stronger winds.

The first product was already successfully tested

That a marketable product is actually from the prototype, seems pretty safe. Ehang wants to bring the great drone in China on the market this year. Later, the United States and other countries to follow. And eventually Europe.

Dubai Helicopter Drone
Dubai Helicopter Drone

Although still a young company, Ehang has successfully marketed with the “ghost drone” already a smaller aircraft. It won the Chinese not only an innovation award of CES in the past year, but revenues already by more than 50 million claims in only 16 months $. The Chinese are not the only ones who want to transport with Quadrocopter people of all professions. The U.S. Army wants to send soldiers with such aircraft on patrol in the future. But without the comfortable cabin. (image above)