Drones and Robotic Excavator with Komatsu Construction Hardware

On Japanese construction sites, driverless robotic excavators took over. Drones provide orientation data from the air. Komatsu, the world’s second largest construction equipment manufacturer challenging industry with automated construction site.

Komatsu’s plans foresee the use of drones in the surveying of construction sites from the air. The drones startups Skycatch Inc. San Francisco send data to computers that create a three-dimensional model of the terrain. Unmanned bulldozer and excavator then begin their earthworks on the basis of these models.

Drones measure construction site in two hours

Komatsu worked for years on the automation of construction machinery. So far, sufficiently accurate and readily available data of terrain lacked the company to use the bulldozers and excavators is a common practice in company. From time to time Komatsu surface scanner was used, what was too time consuming. “The surveying of construction sites from the air is a lot easier,” explains Komatsu President Akinorri Onodera. “With the conventional process two people for the survey of a large construction site employed around a week.

Drones and Robotic Excavator s

The drones can measure in one to two hours. a similar terrain” People should accept only programming work.

Drones and construction equipment to move along pre-programmed routes. Preparing to do this takes only a few hours. Long-term goal is according to Komatsu, to automate the construction sites, so much that people carry only programming of the machines and then send the devices to work.

Chinese construction machinery compete with rivals from the West increasingly in price and quality. The Japanese are looking for the answer but increasingly in automation. So Komatsu offers also excavator with hybrid engines and automated trucks. A bulldozer driver training lasted several months, before you can learn the operation of modern semi-automatic bulldozer now in a few hours.

Komatsu uses Automation to be able to hold its own Western competitors. The company offers also excavator with hybrid engines and automated trucks. Photo: Komatsu

All 123 field offices by Komatsu rental offer the construction site system since February 1 KomConnect to Rent. The offer includes the delivery of machines to the construction sites, the lineup for the start of the work and the technical service. Komatsu will rent constantly at least 200 Skycatch drones in the next few years.