Drone with Fuel Cell can stay two hours in the air

Drones are in the air: but runs out of air because in the face of low battery power. An English company now provides an interesting alternative: a drone with hydrogen-powered fuel cells is flying for two hours non-stop.

Two hours flight performance, that would be something. The DHL drone flying drugs from the Mainland to the island of Juist in the North Sea, has a maximum range of 45 minutes. Currently, many batteries allow ranges of about 40 minutes. Then the battery must be charged or, if you want to go fast, replaced. And that takes time. The British company wants to intelligently reduce a hydrogen powered exactly this service times energy.
Recharge your batteries in just a few minutes

Drone with fuel cell
The hydrogen-powered drone from England should go in next year’s series. Photo: Intelligent energy

This drone developed by it has fuel cells on board as a source of strength instead of normal batteries. The drive sits on top of the flying object and weighs only 1.5 kg with tank. While this is more than a battery pack, but its reserves are still much bigger.

Drone with Fuel Cells stay longer in the air.

How important are long flight times, the incident showed only in December 2015 at the ski race in Madonna di Campiglio. A camera drone on the slope, just a blink behind the skier Marcel Hirscher crashed apparently due to exhausted batteries.

But the hydrogen-powered extended beyond the duration of the flight the drone, but enormously reduces the charging time: If the flying object ends up after two hours, it takes just a few minutes to fill the tank and to restore full power.

Hydrogen drone next year will be ready for the market

The stamina makes the hydrogen drone for many areas of application. The manufacturer is used mainly in agriculture and in the oil and gas industry. Also, it came for inspection and maintenance of wind turbines into question or for rescue missions. She could delete also houses and clean Windows. In the coming year, energy with the drone of hydrogen in series want to go intelligently.

The British company is a specialist when it comes to fuel cells. It has charged even an iPhone with hydrogen. In two years, a new smartphone battery should be ready for the market and guarantee a period of over a week. These Smartphones should have no external battery, but are equipped with built-in fuel cell.