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Drone was smashed by Passenger Plane in London

Upon landing at Heathrow Airport in London, one of the aircrafts that belong to British Airways collided with flying in his direction drone. It was most likely an amateur toy.
Airbus A320 flight from Geneva to London was already drawing to a close and nothing heralded the problem. The plane was to land with 132 passengers on board and five crew members. All those people hung in the balance, when the plane collided head-on with another flying object. Fortunately, there was no major damage, and the pilots say that an object is an amateur drone.

More drones colliding with commercial airplanes

Sunday’s event is another such case in recent years. To the noisiest this type of incident occurred in December 2014 over Heathrow, but it is a problem many other airports. Drones flights near runways are prohibited in most countries, but it is the law difficult to enforce because it is impossible to protect airports against intentional actions.

In July of last year nearly came to the accident at Warsaw airport. Amateur drone flying enter in space take-off runaway. The only reason that the pilots in time they noticed a small machine, there was tragedy. Polish and German law provides penalty actions for owners of flighting drones over the airport and its immediate surroundings. Infringements of the provisions of the Act “aviation law” are punishable by a fine, the penalty of restriction of liberty or imprisonment up to one year or up to 5 years. Similar arrangements exist in all European countries.