Drone Open Air Space Traffic

End of September large drone in the normal air traffic was seen as part of the game. Machines designed by British Airways, Delta Air lines and United Airlines flew far beyond “corridor”. Relatively close flew airliners by VLM and Stobart Air. The first big test worked smoothly, remote pilot was a bit nerviouse…

Watchkeeper Drone: The heavy standard reconnaissance drone of British armed forces was used for a first test, where an unmanned aircraft in the regular traffic on the road was. More tests will follow.

Responsible for this worldwide first test program to fly drones in the regular air traffic during rush hour on the day, was the British Air Traffic Control (NATS). The privatized enterprises, formerly once was renamed as national air traffic services, evaluated the first flight of the drone surrounded by scheduled flights on September 30 as a “Milestone in the effort to open the airspace for drones”.

Main prospect is the Amazon group that would like to switch to a part of its package deliveries as quickly as possible on drones for these tests so far. While Britain is regarded as the country, hopes to get the fastest to the course in the Amazon.

End of the first test flight – Drone Open Air Space Traffic is confirmed

The drone under the code name, or air traffic control call sign “Cronus” completed the first test flight. She start in the morning at 10: 00 by a special drones airfield in Western Wales and then flew over the nearby coastline on the Irish Sea, where she are filed in the intense flight operations during the morning hours. Mostly she flew at an altitude of just under 5000 meters. The smaller airliners of the Stobart air and VLM airlines flew between 6000 and 9000 m of Cronus.

Watchkeeper on the ground. The drone was selected for the test flight, because she can carry a wealth of measurement and monitoring devices.

The big engines of British Airways, Delta and United were moving at an altitude of around 11,000 metres, so less than 6000 metres above from Cronus. It is assumed to reduce the height differences for further testing in flight operations. Cronus will move so closer to manned aircraft.

Cronus: Watchkeeper Drone

Watchkeeper” is the heavy standard reconnaissance drone in the British Armed Forces, which have ordered 54 specimens of the WK450 model for more than a billion euros. Will be built-in the United Kingdom by a company called UAV Tactical system, which is 51% owned by the Israeli drones producer Elbit. The other partner is the French Defence Technology group of Thales.

Drone Open Air Space Traffic_ drone sitting on the ground. This octa-drone can be used not only for deliveries but also as a carrier of monitoring and measurement equipment.

Watchkeeper can stay a long time in the air and has a high load capacity for reconnaissance device of any kind. This drone is not suited to the delivery of Amazon packages. For testing it but particularly suitable, because an abundance can be carried by measuring and monitoring devices for such test flights.