Drone Defence System Radio Waves Cannon

Three British Tech companies developed a defense system, which is designed to protect sensitive sites such as airports from drones. The flying objects targeted are bombarded with radio waves and thus interfere with the contact between the drone and pilot.

With increasing distribution of the drones, also the reports of possible dangers that may emanate from this small foreign-controlled flying objects are piling up. The BBC reported that the Federal Aviation Administration now receives 100 messages per month, where pilots have seen drones in a radius of eight kilometres of their aircraft. Three UK tech firms have now built an apparently very effective drones defense system that discovered the aircraft and making harmless radio waves.

Radio signal of the immune system stronger as a signal to Drone Defence System Radio Waves Cannon

The drones immune system is called AUDS (UAV Defense System) scans in radio waves to disrupt the connection between between drone and their pilots. “There are a number of frequency bands that are used by the manufacturers of the drone,” says Paul Taylor of enterprise control system.

Drone Defence System Radio Waves Cannon
The Drones Immune System (AUDS) discovered the flight devices and makes them harmless with radio waves.

“We send into the radio signal with a directional antenna in these frequencies”, Taylor said. The drone can perceive only the strong signal of the defense system and no longer that of the actual pilots. This be done within 25 seconds, the manufacturers say. Who served the AUDS, can now decide whether he wants to freeze the drone for a short time in the sky so to speak.


After that, the actual pilot would get back the violence with his device and are probably wondering about the reason for the temporary disruption. The shelling with radio waves could continue but also so long until the battery of the drone is limp and leading to the crash of the aircraft.

Drone Defence System Radio Waves Cannon_
The drone defense system AUDS was jointly developed by enterprise control systems, Blighter surveillance system and chess dynamics.

The entire system is modular in design and can be installed on a mobile platform. This includes cameras that can detect a drone in a radius of eight kilometers and follow a radar, infrared, thermal and daylight. Is the drone in the visor and kilometers will come up to a distance of two, a radio signal four Watt is purposefully fired. The last version of the AUDS could effectively stop all for drones licensed frequency bands, the producers explain. In addition, the system has still an optical interference device that stops the auto focus of the drone.

First version available for $ 1.7 million

The new drones immune system already had his public appearance in May and has been tested now in Europe and North America on open terrain and in urban environments. “To fend off drone a worldwide topic has become today”, says Graham Beall, Director of chess dynamics.

Drone Defence System Radio Waves Cannon__
The drones immune system AUDS (UAV defense system) uses radio waves to disrupt the connection between the drone and their pilots.

“We assume that unmanned aerial vehicles be used for malicious purposes, because they can carry cameras, weapons, toxic chemicals and explosives.” The first version of the system is available for €1.7 million.

A mobile laser Cannon has developed drone against the American defense contractor Boeing. Drones with a 2 KW laser beam brings you in 15 seconds from the sky. It should be ready in one to two years. Conversely, Israeli students have developed a software that gives mainly self protection from the drone.