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Drone Crosses English Channel. New page in history books.

Exciting premiere, for the first time an autonomous flying object has crossed the English channel. However, there was some turbulence on the 37 km long route from Dover to Calais.It happened at kilometer 23. The drone Enduro 1 of the British company OcuAir came all of a sudden course during the crossing of the English channel by the French to the British coast. The drone was controlled according to specifications, which had been programmed before the start. Once in the air he oriented himself with the help of global positioning system (GPS). Navigation probably went wrong, but drone did a right job.

Drone had to be guarded by the inflatable

Fortunately the aviation authorities which had to approve the venture had has someone guarded the drone from a passenger boat. OcuAir Chef Richard Gill himself took over this job. When the Enduro 1 course came out he took the control and ensure led to the saving of the French shore.

Making Aviation History - Richard Gill flys the first quadcopter drone across the English Channel
After the drone of the course came out, Ocuair Chief Richard Gill (35) took over even controlling the Enduro 1 from the inflatable and brought them safely to the French shore. Photo: Ocuair

Didier Esteyne was the last record on the traditional route on July 10, 2015, when he crossed the English channel with the electric aircraft Airbus E Fan 2.0. For the first time succeeded in the French aviation pioneer Louis Charles Joseph Blériot with the Blériot XI even constructed by him on July 25, 1909 fly from Calais to Dover. He needed the drone with 72 minutes to make 37 minutes flight at almost double. The following video shows the team Ocuair in the inflatable boat and the flight of drone in the fast pass.

“This attempt expands the boundaries of what is possible with this technology,” says Gill. While his drone with two batteries, which provided each 22 Amp/hour had enough energy.

 Die Drohne Enduro 1 kurz vor ihrem Start. Foto: Ocuair
Team Ocuair, led by Richard Gill, have built a series of endurance drones capable of flying previously unachievable distances in a single flight. To prove the technology they have decided to be the first people in history to fly a quadcopter across the English Channel. The Ebduro Quadcopter will be piloted by Richard Gill who will be in a boat following the flight while manning control of the aircraft. The flight has received full permission of both the UK CAA and French NAA and will be conducted in accordance will the relevant rules associated with commercial UAV operations. These images are of the quadcopters during their build and testing phases, they include some mishaps along the way.

Attempt has shown that unmanned flying objects can handle longer distances.

Deutsche Post (2014) let fly a drone from Norddeich to the approximately ten kilometers away to Island Juist. She flew completely autonomously and brought drugs to the local pharmacy.

To find out more about the attempt please contact [email protected] or call 0800 783 3008. The images were taken by Richard Gill