Driving at Night with 360-Degree Bicycle Lamp

Eclipse + to make safer cycling at night: the bicycle lamp consists of LEDs, which are mounted on the tires and radiate in all directions. And she has some surprises.

Driving at Night with 360-Degree Bicycle Lamp

Cycling at night can be quite dangerous: according to Swiss Advisory Centre for accident prevention, the risk for cyclists, to be involved in accident is at night three times higher than on the day. With snow, rain and glare on the wet road, the risk can rise tenfold. Cyclists can draw attention to barely enough to Moto Rist, has imagined the company of Revolights from California. Just like?

Driving at Night with 360-Degree Bicycle Lamp that Radiates in all Directions.

The bicycle lamp Eclipse + consists of four narrow metal rings, of which each two on the front and rear tyres assemble themselves. Evenly spaced LEDs are mounted – on the rings 24 Red LEDs on the rear tires, 24 white LEDs on the front tire. Compared to the classic bicycle lamp, they radiate in all directions. The advantage: Moto Rist can hardly overlook cyclists at night from the side.

Driving at Night with 360-Degree Bicycle Lamp_

The manufacturer has can come up with something so that the LEDs do not show the driver. On each wheel, only four LEDs light up at the same time – and then, when they are facing forward or backward. A magnet and an acceleration sensor provide the necessary position data. The small lights in the rotation are in the driver’s field of vision, they stay out. It is therefore excluded that the cyclists builds an accident because he is irritated by the own lighting.

And the sensor allows you to another feature: as soon as the cyclist slows, the Red LEDs on the rear wheel start to flicker. This is a warning signal to other road users and to make safe a piece of night rides.

Bike lamp can be controlled via Smartphone app

Eclipse + delivers not only the lighting, but also an app for your smartphone that the driver on the steering wheel can be mounted. While he sees his speed, driving on the display the kilometres and the battery status of light rings, which he also on via app and can switch off. The program fetches even current weather data and warns of rain and storm. On request it will automatically the lighting at dusk.

According to Revolight the LEDs are bright enough to replace traditional lighting of the bicycle. Each LED it brings on 35 lumens brightness. A battery that can be put up on the rings, enough for four hours driving pleasure.

Driving at Night with 360-Degree Bicycle Lamp__

Also in Germany? This is unclear. The online magazine wired doubts that this type of headlamp corresponds to the German highway code. It could be that Eclipse + German bureaucracy still ahead. She must release only explicitly even today common LED spotlight.

Eclipse + comes for $249 on the market

On the Crowdfundingplattform Indiegogo, Revolights is already celebrating success: $26,000 had specified the Californian company financing target to be able to deal with the alternative bike lights in series production.

After a week, the goal was with now $63,000 far outnumbered. The production is so nothing in the way. Deliver Revolights want his lighting system mid 2016 in Europe and the United States. In the trade should the lighting $249 cost.

However, Revolights is not the only company that wants to revolutionize the bicycle lighting with new technology. London currently relies on lasers, emitting a flashy bike symbols on the road to increase the attention.

Driving at Night with 360-Degree Bicycle Lamp

Three young Chinese use the spoke surface to make there with illuminated LEDs all images of the front and rear. And a reflective spray, which brings everything to light up of the bike bag. Unfortunately for this chinees kids original idea comes from Sweden.