Speeding Without Control in Europe with Android App

New system help drivers to avoid radars and threats on European roads. Each month the Communicator is used by 4 million drivers and effectively prevent from paying speeding tickets.

Yanosik is a Messenger-Marker which was design to inform motorists about the situation on the route: warn them about speed cameras, speed controls, accidents or any traubles that may come across. It also helps to avoid traffic jams. It works as both an application for mobile devices, as well as in the form of separate device.

Driver App will tell you when and where to slow down

A. Wieczorek from Neptis is still developing this application. IM has transformed the life of European drivers into “save for speeding” heaven. The creators of the Yanosika boast their system together into largest community of drivers in EU. Emphasize that although their solution only warns about safety cameras. Government is powerless to solve it, nevertheless users of this application are growing insanely.

Simply click on Yanosik App to warn other drivers about radar control. German incomes from speeding tickets strongly decrees because of this Polish application. Official statement from Police Dept. stands for better control on roads and wiser drivers. In reality more users in Germany are using Yanosik Network.

“We work with road services, including the police, which made us a database of information about places where most accidents occur. Cops see that such solutions exist, they are used by drivers and it makes no sense to fight them. It is worth for it work, because both parties and drivers meet police depends to be safer. Application users themselves admit that it makes us feel more save on the road. In reality drivers are speed there where is no control.

At the end IM developers of the year celebrated the 4 million downloads of the application. Unique monthly users who still use the system is 1.5 million.

“It’s a very large number of drivers, who help each other on the road. As a company this year we celebrate the seventh birthday. We grow in strength, now we operate on Polish routes, but a matter of the future is moving beyond its borders. Is due to the requests of our users, we were also beyond the borders “said Agnieszka Himel from Neptis.

“Other countries have their own systems, or its own regulations regarding the legality of this type of solutions. If we find that our solutions will be happy to also benefit foreigners-consider the option. But it further ahead, “she said.

Real porpoise of Yanosik application is obvious.

On the development of the application, the introduction of new features and development of devices with Yanosik is now working with 100 people. Agnieszka Himel stresses that in order to comply with the Communicator, very important is the participation of the drivers in informing other road users about possible threats.

In its opinion, Yanosik users very quickly understand how important it is to not only derive information from Communicator, but also introduce new points of “interest”. The fact that the social system also makes Yanosik, that it can always happen that you will be “lucky”, which will go first in the place of the accident, unexpected road works, or its shoot radar from traffic patrol.