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This drink tells plastic bottles the fight

Environmental Protection

Researchers from the UK have made drinking water transportable, without plastic or glass. Just because as a jelly like ball.

Plastic bottles are no longer a problem in Germany since there are bottles available? Oh but.

As the German environmental aid has determined, every German consumes an average of 207 disposable plastic bottles per year.

Disposable plastic bottles are the dominant packaging for beverages and have a market share of around 54%. And plastic does not disappear, it crumbles.

Slow and environmentally damaging on our world.

The startup Skipping Rocks Lab from London now says the plastic bottle is fighting.

The five founders have developed a ball that consists of drinking water and looks like a jelly-like golf ball.

Ooho, as they called their product, consists of water and is wrapped with a shell of seaweed.

The organic casing is peeled from the water basin and is naturally degradable; the usual commercial plastic or glass bottle is dispensed with.

And the production of the brown algae cover should be even more favorable than that of plastic bottles, the developers said.

It also does not taste to sea or algae, but completely neutral.

The British therefore point out that flavors can of course be added.Just like colors.

So everything as before, only the drinking experience is different. Because Ooho is more essential than drinkable.

At the moment the water ball is being tested on marathons, where usually massive disposable bottles are collected by the runners during the route and unloaded at the edge of the road.

But the water ball is also to create it in the shops and the first step for it is done:

The developers of Skipping Rocks Lab have collected half a million euros and thus reached their financing goal ,24 days before the end of the crowdfunding campaign.

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