A Film About A UFO That Will Shake The World
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A film about a UFO that will shake the world (Dr. M. Geer)

As early as next year, all those who believe in the existence of alien civilizations and their presence on the planet, will be able to feel that there is a lot of valuable evidence.

This will happen with the release of an unusual documentary called “landlocked country: An Exposé of the Greatest Secret in Human History” (introduction to the greatest secret in human history), which is in 2017, shake the whole world.

The film was made thanks to the curiosity of Steven Greer, physician and founder of the global movement Disclosure. He calls and collected documents from the highest State officials, including the Director of the CIA, the generals at the Pentagon, members of Congress and ordinary people, in the course of which has accumulated more than 100 hours of secret recordings, throwing new light on the problem. Dr. M. Geer

The film will be distributed by The Orchard, which is the record label subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment.

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