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This should be done after the end of Windows Vista Microsoft


Has finished the fatal chapter Windows Vista: The operating system is no longer supported with updates.

The German security authority BSI even warns against further use. So what do you do if Vista is still on the computer? Six advices for the changeover.

It was never really loved, now Microsoft is pulling the plug for its operating system Windows Vista.

The reason: the program from 2007 is too old and the support is stopped. Anyone who uses it after the last security update on April 11 will open the door to viruses and other malicious software.

Even the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) advises against continuing to use Vista, as even publicly known vulnerabilities are no longer closed.

However, hackers will hardly spend much time trying to make viruses specifically adapted to Vista lastly, the system known as official flop ran down to 0.78 percent of all desktop computers.

Self operating system Methusalem Windows XP had more users: Around 5.5 percent of all PCs worldwide should have XP still on the disk.

To rely on the exotic status and to put hands in the lap is also not a solution.

Really not. Finally, non-targeted attacks and security accidents are also causing serious damage.

So what to do now? We would have the one or the other tip.

1. Make the update! Yes, one thing is still: The security update, which came on the 11th of April within the framework of the Microsoft Patchdays, is actually from Microsoft.

Enjoy the update process ,it’s the last of its kind.

Really! From now on Windows Vista is virtually dead, the life sustaining measures were stopped.

Time to bid farewell!

  1. Find out if you are using Vista at all –You do not even know which operating system you use main thing, it runs? No problem, you’ll find it out: + Open the Start menu and click the Control Panel. + Select “System and Security”.

+ Clicking on “System” tells you what you want to know.

3. Replace Vista with a current operating system Take advantage of the gallows period, which gives you the very latest security patch to find, purchase and install a new operating system , almost instantly.

And no, XP is not a solution, for the same reasons why they should separate from Vista.

The online computer magazine chip.de proposes a convenient and easy way to switch to Windows 7.

This system, which is also not completely exhausted, but still supported, is already available at around 10 euros.

Whether the hardware packs the change, you can find with the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.

This is then good until the year 2020, if the support is also discontinued for this.

If the computer still works (and the hardware is synonymous with this changeover), Windows 10 is free. Or you can take the abbreviation and go straight to Windows 10 ,if you are already there.

4. Be clear that Vista is now dangerous You do not want to separate part-time from Windows Vista, because it “runs really well”? Then disconnect from the Internet.

At least the computer using the freshly patterned operating system.

If this is out of the question for you: Back up your data – NOW! disconnect the storage medium with the backup from the incoming virus sling and never reconnect both.

Then lean back, if necessary, exclude bets on the remaining lifetime of your computer and wait for the things that come.

Oh, Blizzard games such as “World of Warcraft” and “Diablo III” will no longer work in the foreseeable future under Vista; As well as Firefox and Thunderbird.

  1. If necessary, find allies You have a clue about computers, but still want to keep Vista?

Then make it like the XP fans, who also three years after support end their beloved operating system without any Microsoft support against nasty traps and bad guys.

And think about an answer to the question, why do you want to do everything in the world?

Because let’s be honest: cult status has Vista, which was shrouded as a flop from the beginning, really not really.

And for the most applications, there are now other better solutions.

6. Take it with humor! If you have some kind of nostalgia, because you have spent so much time in updates, workarounds and patches of Windows Vista, the regular new installation sessions have something and you have made an intimate friendship with colleagues from the IT.

Sweeten the goodbye With the Windows jokes that Spiegel Online has compiled to celebrate the day.

And yes, they also work in the state of acute harm.

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