Sony robot dog AIBO has new artificial intelligence

Technology giants such as Microsoft, Google, IBM and Amazon currently massively invest in advanced machine learning techniques. The Japanese electronics group Sony, which once belonged to the artificial intelligence with the robot dog AIBO and Qrio robot to the pioneers, will now also increasingly focus on this task.

As part of this new strategy, Sony has invested in the Californian start-up Cogitai. Cogitai develops systems that learn from experience  “just like children make it”, says Cogitai Development Manager Satinder Singh. Already in the coming year could be the first product of this connection on the market.

Both partners want to create intelligent systems that you want to learn from their own experiences. “We share the same vision. The next wave in the AI will be continuous learning”, explained Singh, co-founder of Cogitai. Behind it is the idea that the intelligence of machines is constantly increasing, by interacting with the world, similar to how a child learns and makes meaningful experiences of our world.

Cogitai was founded by three American experts in artificial intelligence and develops software with artificial intelligence that can explore large amounts of data and the Internet looking for information.

Sony wants to focus again on artificial intelligence.

Continuous learning is to create not only clever devices that can sense human presence, or better understand virtual assistants, people. Rather, it is a technique, the machines in the place offset to develop out of itself and develop. “Everything is based off what before was”, explains Singh. “There are controlled deep learning to distinguish objects. And then the so-called reinforcement learning, because KI must act in the world and learn from the consequences.”

While Cogitai has no experience with new applications for these techniques, Sony sees great opportunities with the new software components hardware to improve. Because Sony is by no means a newcomer to the field of artificial intelligence. in 1999, the group with the robot dog AIBO was pioneer in the usage. At that time, the Japanese group opened his Sony Intelligence Laboratory and the Sony computer science laboratories with a focus on AI research and development.

Sony robot dog AIBO can play with the ball. Photo: Sony

Using artificial intelligence in cameras and streaming services

Even if Sony first withdrew from the field of robotics, the group always pursued the development of KI to technologies. These efforts culminated in the Xperia SmartAR, facial recognition for the PlayStation, digital cameras, and recently also the project “N portable” device from the Sony future Lab program, which works with high-quality speech and audio signal processing.

Currently think Sony makes the use of artificial intelligence in cameras where the camera of the knowledge of the photographers learn and finally their own creative proposals for the design of the photos. At the same time is Sony thinking to improve video and music streaming services in this way.

Finally, return to the construction of the robot is being considered. “We look at various options, including robots,” said the Chief of Sony computer science laboratories, Hioaki now Kitano.

Google paid 500 million $ for Deepmind

Google is investing heavily in artificial intelligence and has been 2014 for half a billion $ Deepmind bought a start-up that wants to teach the thinking computers. Google wants in the future more effectively check the gigantic amount of data of daily 3.3 billion searches.

Elon Musk has also discovered the subject for themselves and wants a billion $, are also investing in the question of whether even thinking machines cannot be a threat to humanity.

Toshiba wants to give a very direct experience of artificial intelligence by 2020 visitors to the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The company has developed the robot Lady Aiko Chihara. She has pushed already test-way service at a department store and then 2020 multilingual to work as a guest worker.

Microsoft had to cancel experiment with Tay

Of course, there are also failures. So Microsoft has just cancelled an experiment with his chat bot named Tay after only 24 hours. The artificial intelligence should communicate with young people and acquire their jargon. However, it went wrong.

Facebook already uses artificial intelligence to detect what represents an image. Blind people can in the future text in this pictures. But of course benefited to know who and what also Facebook of posted images appears on.

Deep blue of IBM in 1996 for the first time beat a World Chess Champion

IBM has developed the most successful chess computer in the world in the 1990s with deep blue, 1996 for the first time beat the then reigning chess world champion, Garri Kasparow. Deep blue was then still a ton behemoth. But it is an early representative of artificial intelligence.

Today’s systems so many games and experiences, can check only three days that she can beat 98 percent of chess players in the world.

The great pioneer of artificial intelligence, Marvin Minsky, died in January at the age of 88. Read more about the father of artificial intelligence.

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  1. If they release specs and allow 3D printing, problem solved. If they don’t, patents should expire soon for the original so you could scan one and do it yourself without issue.

    But this is Sony who for years used proprietary memory cards instead of SD because they could charge more. I wouldn’t hold my breath for them to do something nice for their customers, even if they have nothing to lose and would gain goodwill.

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