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Do we have new secret military base around?

Mysterious, stretching up to close to 2 km runway in the middle of the desert in the State of Nevada may be evidence of the existence of a new military base. In the zone 6 to be tested area for super-secret drones.

The runway has been sighted in your photos with Google Earth. It is located on the plateau of Yucca, just 19 km North-East from the famous Area 51, which for many years was the subject of various conspiracy theories. Zone 6 is located in the inaccessible to civilians the military range nuclear tests, which were carried out over 700 trials atomic bomb explosion and fusion.

Photos of the zone 6 derived from Google Earth show a long runway, numerous buildings and hangars. It is not known when the complex was built, but undoubtedly is constantly upgraded, as you can see in the pictures.

The military is silent on the zone 6, though recently published 7500 pages paper on nuclear safety describes the design of Yucca Mountain, and the zone 6 as a “zone of air operations.” Built by 9.6 million DOL. launch site is used as a runway for drones. In the report we read:

“It is the aim of the unit is the construction, maintenance and testing of various unmanned aircraft. The tests include modifications to the aircraft, sensors and the development of on-board computers.”

Most likely both 51 Zone and Zone 6 are closely linked. In this first database are designed and built for the latest aircraft, while in zone 6 is their equipment. Analysis of size hangars are present in the zone 6 indicates that they could hold up to 15 drones.