Discovered new minerals in Morasko meteorite

Yesterday took a place incident with police during the attempt to sell the huge meteorite, which was excavated in the Morasu in Poznan (PL), and meanwhile we learn that in one of the space rocks discovered minerals that are not on the planet.

According to the information provided by the researchers from the many University Centers (Poznań, Sosnowiec, Wrocław and Kraków) who engaged in the study of one of the meteorites, they are two phosphates. Immediately was given the name: Moraskoit

The name of the first mineral comes from the name of the former village of Morasko (now the northern part of Poznań), where for more than 100 years are found fragments of the meteorite iron.

Other mineral and was named in honor of the Polish-Pakistani metallurgist, chemist and krystalografa, Jan Czochralski (1885-1953). He is the author of the synthetic methods of receiving silicon crystals, which are used in the production of microchips.

Morasko meteorite
Poland’s largest meteorite (Morasko)

Trace amounts of phosphate was discovered in the small bubbles in the mass of iron-nickel alloy, which we call nodular. Scientists want to use the unique minerals to create new composites.

Phosphates are the main carrier of phosphorus in the matter, interest in them is apparent with the important role was to act as phosphorus when the life of the solar system.

Meteorite weighing 174daN, which was yesterday to buy at auction and featured above, fell to the ground between 2700 and 4100 year B.C. during Europe’s largest “rain of meteorites”.