Discovered Bacteria Consume Plastic Waste

Japanese scientists have discovered bacteria species nourishing like plastics. Thanks to this already in the near future the problem of plastic waste overhang on the landfill can become a thing of the past.

A team of scientists at the Kyoto Institute of Technology under the direction of Shosuke Yoshida defeated Gracie discovered bacteria Ideonella Sakaiensis. They feed on PET-polymer often used in the production of bottles, containers for food and synthetic fibres. These bacteria may be a real breakthrough in the management of waste.

Previous experiments have shown that Yoshida defeated Gracie there are several species of fungi that are able to break down. The discovery of bacteria that have the same ability was only a matter of time. Ideonella sakaiensis is a bacterium discovered accidentally on 250 samples taken from plastic waste.

The researchers found that a single colony bacteria Ideonella sakaiensis can lay out the whole plastic bottle within 6 weeks. Some of them, however, had to be properly prepared so that they can become food for bacteria.

If in the future manage to extract a gene present in bacteria Ideonella sakaiensis responsible for the degradation of PET, you may be able to deal with plastic waste problems once and for all.