Published On: Thu, Mar 10th, 2016

Digitization in CeBit 2016 as leading topic

His name is Tristan. And he is one of the attractions of the world’s biggest computer fair CeBIT, which starts on 14 March in Hannover, Germany. 70 million years ago he drove around on Earth. Since next week the Tyrannosaurus Rex as a virtual reality will walk over the fairgrounds. Why? Digitization is the central theme of CeBIT in 2016.

Dangerous 3D-Tristan, for whose who caressing fears in the natural history museum in Berlin visitor to the fair. But what does the progressive digitalization for us humans? What are the chances, what risks?

Around 200 events at CeBIT, engaged the rapid networking of industry and society. “economy” is the motto of the CeBIT in 2016. But of course not only spoken: round 3300 exhibitors from 70 countries present the latest trends of digitization. By 2015, 221,000 people visited the fair. This year CeBIT partner country is the Switzerland and expectations are far higher.

Have you ever looked into the future as has in the run-up to CeBIT Bernhard Rohleder, head of the industry association BITKOM: “Is there still dental technicians in ten years?” he asks and gives the answer herself: “I say no.” The digitization, which completely permeates all life, production and trade area, will let die out also this ancient profession.

CeBIT 2016

Preparations for the CeBIT 2016 running at full speed. A trade fair stand in Hall 2 will be built here. Photo: Bhartia Ngunu

The high-precision work of the dental technician acquires the 3D printer. And he is no longer geared to Firefox in a rubber dough-like mass, but on data that captures a surveying laser while replaying the oral cavity.

On the CeBIT 2016 the industry association BITKOM at the main booth start-ups and established companies under the motto brings together “hub @ CeBIT”. 3D printing in Robotics goes up to virtual reality, it’s about those technologies that enable the digital transformation and speed up. For example the young Berlin company shows that BigRep one of the world’s largest 3D printers, used among other things in the automotive industry and machine construction. The start-up TruPhysics introduces his simulation environment for the industrial robotics with the help of a robot. Allvr plan into a walkable home through virtual-reality glasses.

No sector is spared, 3d reality scanners and printers improving our life on daily basis.

50 trillion networkable parts, from vehicles to the digital-dominated house production machines waiting to be digitally linked. “No industry remains unaffected by the rapid feed of digitization,” said Oliver Frese, Member of the Board of German Expo AG in Hanover, which aligns the CeBIT. The leading trade fair focus in the future on three pillars: digitization for the economy and markets, digitization for public-administration, digitization for society. This is not a short-term trend which quickly disappear, believes Frese.

CeBIT in Hannover

On Monday, March 14, begins the CeBIT in Hannover. Until then, everything must be rebuilt. Photo: Bhartia Geah

Hannes Sjoblad, Swedish technology activist, demonstrates how the Internet of things (IoT), so a common euphemism for the digital penetration of all areas of life, can move into everyday life. He has replaced the house keys with an implant in his finger. This passive chip is activated by a reader which is mounted in place of the key hole, so it sends out an access code which unlocks the lock.

The cloud becomes the sole ruler

Ruler of the ever growing flood of data will be increasingly expanding in the cloud. Gigantic data centers for the users via Internet access have hidden behind it secrets. These are similar to strongly secured as the legendary Fort Knox, so that the data stored are safer than those in many companies in households.

Digitizing takes drive, although many smaller and medium sized companies still do not have recognized the opportunities and risks of this trend, as IoT pros complain. Three quarters of IT companies expect rising sales after a BITKOM poll found for the first half of the year. For the year 2016, 81 percent of all IT and telecommunications companies expect an increase in sales.


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