Published On: Wed, Nov 4th, 2015

DieselGate: VW Nightmare – GreenPeace Attacks on VolksWagen Group

For the first time VW has given itself new manipulations. Also the CO2 emissions of new cars were declared incorrectly. This has consequences for the car tax and the stock market: the price of VW shares has fallen by another 10%.

DieselGate VW Nightmare - GreenPeace Attacks on VolksWagen Group

The CO2 values of 800,000 models of the brands VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat are wrong. The VW Group announced that on the stock exchange another crash. Car holder of the affected vehicles should expect new classifications in the car tax.

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015, 10:59 – DieselGate: VW Nightmare – GreenPeace Attacks on VolksWagen Group

The next round in the VW scandal: on Tuesday night, Volkswagen has communicated that there were false claims in CO2 emissions. So the CO2 values of many cars of all brands of the group disagree. And how to worry about CO2 emissions is considerably higher than previously indicated. This not only diesel vehicles are affected, but also gasoline. Now, you don’t know which one you want to say is right.

DieselGate VW Nightmare - GreenPeace Attacks on VolksWagen Group_

GreanPeace is running very agressive campaign agains VW Group. You can take a look here.

The stock market  already answer: VW Stock Price Greased in the morning by 10%.


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