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DHL Complex Logistic with Fast Drones

The profession of the package delivery-boys in selected mountains is threatened by autonomous drones. Now, DHL is testing Complex Logistic with Fast Drones in the Traunstein. The yellow aircraft traveling between villages is now suspended and shuttled back and forth.

The presentation video from Deutsche Post subsidiary DHL snap the world’s as first successful integration between drones and package stands.

We can see this package stands everywhere in Europe. Simply by entering the code robot gives of our merchandise putting the package in the loader. Black hood, the music sets a heavy accent, the SkyPort roof swings when drone is approaching with DHL package and loads the package in his “belly”. The wings fold upward, in the control panel when controller presses the Start button. Then the aircraft a picturesque snow-covered mountains stands majestically into the sky.

DHL carry out 130 autonomously delivering fast drones together with SkyBoxes (SkyPorts)

Since January 2016, private customers could send and receive their packages through automated insertion of shipments in the SkyPort directly via DHL Drone. DHL has carried out 130 autonomous loading and discharge.

There is a SkyPort, from which the package drone flies automatically to the recipients in the hillsides in the Valley. Photo: DHL

The Drone test is a continuation of an unprecedented experiment. DHL sent a Drone in Bonn over the 400 meter wide Rhine river (Dec. 2015). This was manually controlled via Visual contact. The Bonn parcel service provider caused great media attention in September 2014, by flying urgent medicines with an automatically flying drone on the North Sea Island of Juist in a world premiere. The used Quadkopter could carry a payload of up to 1.2 kg with a flight with 43 km/h. This solution is not only fastest way to deliver, but also cheapest one.

Automated DHL Complex Logistic using Fast Drones Drone that can take off vertically and land inside specially prepared boxes.

Used Drone DHL 3.0 is which due to its special design can take off vertically and land and therefore no runway is needed. DHL is truly proud of this models, at any occasion is emphasizing how in the future all packages can be deliver.

Paketkopter in  Reit im WinkelFoto: Andreas Heddergott
Deutsche Post DHL wants to deliver thinly populated or hard to reach areas with drones in the future.Photo: DHL

In fact, this transportation method in mountainous regions is rare and troubling. The DHL Drone 3.0 can transport up to 2 kg with a cruising speed of 70 km/h. And he is strong enough to fly at higher altitudes.

Tested village Winklmoosalm lies good 500 m above the Valley of Reit in Winkl. From the Valley to the Alm is 1200 meters above sea level, the DHL DRONE 3.0 laid back 8 km each. “Urgent medicines or short term needed sporting goods could be delivered in only eight minutes from central, a collection drive would have taken more than 30 minutes in the winter” announce proudly DHL.

DHL has competition in the autonomous business

“We are the first ones that can use a transport drones us for an end-customer access worldwide”, emphasizes Jürgen Gerdes, Member of the Board of Deutsche Post DHL. “We have achieved all the technical and procedural improvements flight distance extended with this combination of automated loading and unloading of the aircraft, and payload, to test this delivery option in the long term also in urban areas.”

However, DHL is not alone on the subject of autonomous package delivery. Reach has presented a new delivery drone with around 25 km Amazon end of November 2015.

RWTH Aachen University evaluates the data from Bavaria

For the DHL Drone 3.0 research project is finance from Federal Ministry of Transportation. Specially established a restricted area was created to improve quality of life in this field. Air Office of the Government of Upper Bavaria granted the necessary Flight Authorization. Now, pending the evaluation of the collected data and findings.