Dam in the Netherlands has Extra layer of light

Year in the darkness strangle dam in Afsluitdijk, drives see illuminated lock buildings and route. Both are part of the “new image for Afsluitdijk dam”  that designer/innovator Daan Roosegaarde last night unveiled.


During the ceremony last night at the Afsluitdijk Dam was there to eulogies “A unique jewel of engineering, the night watch of our infrastructure,” said Minister of infrastructure Melanie Schultz.

Now the dike a full refurbishment gets-he no longer meets the modern standards of water safety-the Minister wanted to do something extra. “Therefore, Daan Roosegaarde asked a design that the origin and the tradition of deep stress.”

Extra layer of light

Last night made Roosegaarde design are known: illuminated lock buildings, the glowing middenvangrail, luminous algae at the Casemates and three energy producing kites with a luminous line. It sounds modest and subtle, and that’s exactly what according to Roosegaarde at Icon Afsluitdijk.” The dike has been wonderful, I add at most an extra layer. A layer of light and dark, of tradition and modernity, which is the special beauty of the dike and its works of art strengthened.”

Retro-reflective lights are marking clear the passage

Dam in the NetherlandsEnd in 2017, Afsluitdijk Dam is ready for public in all glory, it will stand out most light up the lock buildings and the middle guard rail in the light of the cars that pass through the dike. That lock buildings, sixty in total, were laid out for the operation of the spur locks that open to approaching the river water of the river IJssel to discharge on the Wadden Sea at low tide. The buildings are now a national monument and get a makeover. Roosegaarde: “they are the Dutch Temple of hydraulic engineering. They get an extra accent, and at the same time give the light “A similar effect gets the Middle guard rail: 32 km long sees the motorist driving in the dark an illuminated line. “That’s what the Afsluitdijk also is: a line in the water.”

Darkest place are no longer danger to drivers on Dam

Roosegaarde is working with a specialized company to develop an appropriate retro-reflective paint. “That reflects the light back in the direction where the only light comes from. So only the ones there with his headlights along drive sees the phenomenon.” The paint should also get a certain coating to keep it clean.

Dam in the Netherlands has Extra layer of light

Roosegaarde wants, as avoid the Afsluitdijk Dam fair is a kind of light. In a wide area around Breezand dike, the darkest place of Netherlands, the reflection deliberately omitted.”Who rides on the Afsluitdijk Dam realizes that it is a special place. “The criticism by astronomers and nature lovers last week that Roosegaarde the darkness would ruin saves with no sense.”

Power Kites at Afsluitdijk Dam

And somewhere along the Afsluitdijk Dam  gives Roosegaarde follow-up the ideas of the now deceased astronaut and inventor Wubbo Ockels on energy-exciting kites. At the Afsluitdijk Dam  provides three computer-controlled sets that move between 150 and 300 m above sea level on the wind and with a line attached to a winch that generates energy.

Power generating Kites

The Delft aerospace connected to Department start-up Enevate develops. The lines that connect the Kites with the winch makes Roosegaarde luminous. “It is a temporary project, a symbol of modern energy generation.”

There are plans to the IJsselmeer Dam to the Frisian side a wind farm of 400 MW. That will be the view of the water from the Afsluitdijk Dam.

Roosegaarde closed the presentation of his iconic design with display of “Water Lights”, the rolling play of light and smoke that a certain water height and was previously demonstrated in the channel at Westervoort, the Amsterdam Museum Square and at Schokland.