Cyclotrons is a bike from your dream

On the market there are lots of bicycle models, however, as a rule they are very similar. Differ, accessories, materials, from which they were made, however, still look pretty much the same. This bike is different. Not only has an amazing look, but technology is right out of the box.

Cyclotrons is a bike from your dream

At first glance, looks like a Cyclotron alive removed from science fiction movies, but that’s intentional. The bike has to throw in the eye and attract the eye. It is made of carbon fibre, which like layers in a sandwich very light and sturdy. Shapes that have been given a frame, to remind the modern fighters built in Stealth technology.

All components, including the chain and derailleur closed in the inner enclosure, so that they are not exposed to dirt and mechanical damage.

Cyclotrons is a bike from your dream

Made from polymer wheels are as you can see in the pictures is devoid of the spokes. The premise of the designers is to use established in this way, the space for example. on the racks or baskets shopping. You can also build very imaginative child seats for transporting children. Also the steering wheel has two modes-sport, in which we are more stiffs simply miss out on and a comfortable, in which the steering wheel is properly above.

Option of the automatic transmissions are going to be installed in cars

Here, you can mount the electrical system changing the gear that operates in the sequential mode. The time is less than 0.2 seconds.

Added to this is an electronic lighting system and laser designation of the track. At the time, when it starts to darken, Cyclotron automatically starts the light mounted on the rims of the wheels. This designates the laser lines that make the behavior of the track, as well as inform car drivers, what is a safe distance from the bike. The system is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can be charged from the electrical outlet or by working our muscles.

bike from your dream

This is not the end of innovation. The bike has a on-board computer, equipped with ten sensors. It teaches the style of our driving habits and after a short period of time completely take control of shifts.

You can buy this bike via Kicstarter. For the version with 12 classic gears must pay 899 euros . Version with 18 gears are for about 1300 euro, a version with electric gears was valued at 2600 euros.

bike from dream