Did Curiosity Found On Mars Flishbones
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Did Curiosity found on Mars Flishbones?

Another photo by Curiosity has become the subject of comments virtual archeology. This is nothing new-Internet users by viewing the pictures from the surface of Mars, they found on their opinion, an incredible discovery.

Posted on March 15, 2016 on the website of the NASA image. zol 1311, according to one of the researchers, contains a picture of the remaining fishbones. They are among the Martian rocks in place, reminiscent of riverbed visible after drying.

In the lower left part of the image you can see a strange object. Its shape is typical for the body of the fish. You can clearly see there is a distinctive head, caudal and thin rib (or it may be a dorsal fin). Create your looks like a flounder. On the plane of the orbit can be seen exposed skull.

Enthusiasts discover the Martian already not the first time reported the discovery on Mars object, resembling the remains of fish. Just like any other “incredible” discovery the skeleton of the dinosaur, the silhouette of a woman flying saucers… This story never ends…