Crystals That Mimic The Neurons To Create Perfect AI

Crystals that mimic the neurons to create perfect AI

Thousands of scientists working in the world on the creation of artificial intelligence, and the latest idea engineers have is IBM artificial neurons, which switches between the State of amorphous and crystalline.

Crystal (or non-crystals, depending on the current state), which has a diameter of just one micrometer, was designed for energy efficiency-it is to allow the machining of infinite even volumes of data with very low energy consumption.

It is placed between two electrodes, and when it arrives in the form of energy, changes its temperature, as well as the State-with candy in the amorphous, which at one point leads to the fact that the Crystal emits an electrical impulse, which is very similar to a biological neuron. Then it returns to its original crystalline state.

But that’s not all, because it also group and found out that they still behave like real clusters of neurons.

And just such a Crystal chip, can prove invaluable, not only to the processing of data generated by us on the Web, but also, for example, to process the information collected by the giant radio telescopes. They do not replace the classic processors, but can be much help.

Source: Nature Nanotechnology, image: To GerryShaw (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons