CrapWare is slowing our computers, few handy tricks to apply are in order.

Computer will not turn on, the notebook is running too slowly, the system hangs? Its slope, which frequently breaks into computers and we advise you how to fix this.

The computer “not working”, because Crapware is there, for sure.

In this case, it is associated with the software. The problem is called both by the users themselves, and by the equipment manufacturers. The company often installs on brand new computers offer the so-called “crapware software”, which shall be borne by the system and are not normally needed. This often does not help yourself using your computer, often without thinking installs the harmful and slow work computer software it’s not just about computer viruses and above all that software ads (adware).

Power issue

The most common hardware problem laptop power cord damage is mechanical or power supply. In the case of desktop computers the most common cause of problems is similar-problems with power. There are a lot of programs to monitor the supply voltage, but power defects may be short enough that the diagnostic software even to not detect them. The best way to check power supply is to leave it for a few days running on but not connected to PC. If is warm not overloaded, thats bad and get a new one. If this does not help and still shows signs of damage, the likely culprit is the motherboard.

Hard drive problem

The cause of the incorrect operation of your PC are often errors in the file system. These in turn may result from physical damage to the surface of the media, which happens quite often. If the disk is damaged you must replace it with a new one. However, before you do this, give him another chance by listing all the cables. Disconnect the SATA cable that connects it with the motherboard, plug in its place a new, unused. By the way, you can connect the drive to another SATA port. In a similar way to disconnect the power plug and connect the drive to another.

Problems with the Internet

Wireless network problems are often associated with the software. It is possible that the program is installed on your computer, which interferes with the client that supports the Wi-Fi network. Technical problems (wireless) are much less likely. This is not the end. Weak Wi-Fi coverage, especially in large homes, it is the bane of many people. Free Internet or simply its lack can be extremely disruptive. It is, however a few easy ways to increase coverage and fix this problem. Separate the material devoted to this subject can be found here.

Problems specific to notebooks

Sudden no picture, artifacts on the screen, problems running, automatic turn off during work and mechanical damage, it’s five most emerging problems with notebooks-according to data company Computer World. In the case of mechanical damage the most customer service reps have to deal with smashed or sketched dies. In turn, the failures of components relate primarily to motherboards and hard drives.